China's TanSat Successfully Obtains First Observation Data

News released by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) website on Feb. 23rd shows that China s first scientific experimental satellite to monitor global carbon dioxide emission has successful obtained


Industrial Application of BeiDou in Civilian Market Speeds up China

Resources, one of China s large-scale gas groups, has introduced the BeiDou (BDS) in its whole gas business chain in Kunming, Changsha, Yibin and other cities. Meanwhile, Jianghuai Automobile (JAC) ha (2017-04-12)

Promising Prospects for the BeiDou Sat-Nav Positioning System Application

The BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) is China s independently-developed satellite navigation system currently at the stage of construction, promotion and application. With five geostationary o (2017-04-12)

Academician Sun Jiadong: BeiDou's Application in Municipal Security Management Delivers Benefits to the Public

As a diligent juvenile and a youth leader, you are the backbone of the nation. Missiles, satellites, Chang E lunar probe, BeiDou and shining stars across the sky all witness your legendary life story. (2017-04-11)

The First Nanosat Designed by Greece Will Be Launched into Space

Greece will launch its first homemade Nanosat (UPSat) on March 17, 2017. This is a milestone as it stands for Greece s capacity to design a satellite, which is also the first open source hardware and (2017-04-10)

BeiDou achieves accuracy to within one to two meters

BeiDou achieves accuracy to within one to two meters

China s domestically-produced satellite navigation system BeiDou is said to have made significant progress on its accuracy.