First US GPS III Satellite Was Launched into Space

On December 23, SpaceX successfully launched the first US Global Positioning System (GPS) III satellite into space. It s said that the system would be more powerful in terms of accuracy and anti-jammi


The Zhuhai 1 Commercial Aerospace Hyperspectral Satellite Released Its Data to the Public for the First Time

Recently, the First Release Conference of Satellite Hyperspectral Data in Chinese Commercial Aerospace was held in Great Hall of the People in Beijing. In the conference, the Zhuhai 1 commercial aeros (2019-03-14)

The HY-2B and the CFOSAT Completed Trails in the Sea for In-orbit Test

Recently, the maritime field synchronous observation experiment of HY-2B satellite and CFOSAT in-orbit test was completed. The experiment was organized by the National Satellite Ocean Application Serv (2019-03-13)

The 823-day Stable In-orbit Operation of Tiangong 2 Brought Rich Materials for the Study of Space Application

Reporters learnt form the Tiangong 2 Earth Observation Users Conference held in Beijing on December 18, that by now the space laboratory has been stably operated for 823 days and obtained a great numb (2019-03-13)

Chang’e-4 Probe Successfully “Braked” and Entered Lunar Orbit

At 16:45 of December 12, reporters learnt from the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense and the China National Space Administration that, after flying for abou (2019-03-13)

BeiDou achieves accuracy to within one to two meters

BeiDou achieves accuracy to within one to two meters

China s domestically-produced satellite navigation system BeiDou is said to have made significant progress on its accuracy.