US Company Launch Satellite with Recycled Rocket for the First Time

The US company SpaceX successfully launched its rocket Falcon 9 from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida at 18:27 on March 30 America Eastern Standard Time, sending EUTELSAT s SES-1 satellite to the G


Air Force's Mysterious X-37B Space Plane Breaks Orbital Record

Till March 28 the US Air Force s mysterious X-37B, which is performing its longest testing mission, has spent 678 days on its latest Earth-circling mission, breaking its previous record of 674 days. A (2017-05-17)

Russian Expert: US Antimissile System Forces Russia to Develop Antisatellite Weapon

Russian expert said on March 29 that the US antimissile system will bring substantive threats to Russian orbit satellites, which forces Russia to develop a similar system which is capable of attacking (2017-05-17)

NATO to Spend 3 Billion Euros on Satellite, Cyber Defences

NATO plans to spend 3 billion euros (around 27.7 billion RMB) to upgrade its satellite and computer technology over the next three years as the Western military alliance adapts to new threats, a senio (2017-05-17)

SpaceX about to Make History by Launch Rocket with Reusable Booster

Elon Musk s spacecraft company SpaceX is trying to make history again this week and highlighting the benefits of reusable boosters. The Falcon 9 rocket that SpaceX is using for the launch has already (2017-05-12)

BeiDou achieves accuracy to within one to two meters

BeiDou achieves accuracy to within one to two meters

China s domestically-produced satellite navigation system BeiDou is said to have made significant progress on its accuracy.