China’s Space Station Project is Fully Underway

A spokesman for China’s manned spaceflight project recently stated that with the successful completion of the space laboratory flight mission in 2017, the third-step mission of China’s manned spaceflight project—the space station project has been fully underway and all research and construction are progressing steadily.

Since the implementation China’s manned spaceflight project in 1992, it has successfully accomplished the first two steps of the mission, breaking through the basic technologies of manned spaceflight such as manned space transportation, space extravehicular activity and rendezvous and docking, and verified key technologies for the construction and operation of space stations such as cargo transportation and propellants refueling and astronaut’s mid-term stay. The project carried out large-scale space science and application tests, which laid a solid foundation for the development and construction of the third-step space station.

This year is the key year of the third step of China’s manned spaceflight project. The space station’s core module will complete the equipment set and the assembly of the cabin and related large-scale ground joint tests will be gradually carried out. In order to meet the mission requirements of the space station, the third batch of preparatory astronaut selection will be organized in the first half of the year, including both aerospace pilots and space flight engineers. Related load of the application system will complete phased development. Follow-up products of manned spacecraft and cargo spacecraft are being produced as planned.

China’s manned space always focus on international exchanges and cooperation. This year, the general office of China’s manned spaceflight project will jointly launch space station mission cooperation opportunities with the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs and carry out project solicitation. It will jointly develop cabin cooperation and exchanges with the European Space Agency and will also discuss manned lunar exploration technology with relevant countries.