Yuanwang-22 Rocket Carrier Leaves the Home Port for New Year Normalization Training

On the morning of March 20, the Yuanwang-22 rocket carrier belonging to China Satellite Maritime Surveying and Control Department slowly transferred the bow and sailed out of the port and began the normal training for the new year.

With the accelerating pace of the construction of aerospace powers, it is imperative that China’s Yuanwang rocket transport fleet have excellent rocket shipping capacity. The Yuanwang rocket transport fleet insisted on the full integration of tasks and training, improved the ability to complete tasks in training, and continuously tempered the rocket hoist and transportation training levels while performing missions.

Since the establishment of the Hainan Wenchang Space Launch Site in China, the fleet successfully completed many maritime transport missions including the Long March 7 and the Long March 5 rocket maiden flight. During the execution of the mission, a formidable rocket hoist and marine transport talents were trained.

The normalization training set up training subjects strictly in accordance with the requirements of the rocket transportation standards. Wang Shengying, the captain of the Yuanwang 22, said, “During the mission preparation period, we closely organized and studied the navigation plan, updated the electronic chart, and got acquainted with the fairway in advance to cope with the situation such as passing ships and dense fishing net areas offshore. Main equipment such as rocket hoist, air conditioning and mechanical equipment, and navigation satellites are fully maintained to ensure that the performance of ships and hoist equipment is in the best condition and the training plan is completed on schedule and achieves the training effect.”

The Yuanwang rocket transport fleet is China’s first type of special rocket transport fleet. It was built on April 1, 2012 in Jiangnan Shipyard and was delivered to the China Maritime Satellite Monitoring and Control Department on May 6, 2013. In order to ensure the smooth and safe transport of rockets, the fleet has designed and installed a marine environment protection system and anti-rolling and anti-vibration equipment so that the temperature, humidity, salinity, and container overload environment data in the rocket’s cargos are superior to railway and road transport.