The Long March 5B Carrier Rocket Will Have its Maiden Flight around June 2019

In the evening of Mar 19, reporter knew from the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CAST) that China will have Long March 5B carrier rocket made its maiden flight mission around June 2019. Developed by CAST and based on the technology of Long March 5, Long March 5B carrier rocket is specially used to perform launch missions of manned space stations and will be transferred to the sample stage in the near future.

The third step mission of China’s manned spaceflight project is the space station program and this year is the key year of the third step. The Long March 5B which is improved and developed for the space station will transfer into sample stage recently. The space station’s core module will complete the equipment set and the assembly of the cabin and related large-scale ground joint tests will be gradually carried out.

According to the introduction, the Long March 5B carrier rocket is the new generation carrier rocket being developed which has the largest carrying capacity on low earth orbit and it bears the launching mission in China’s space station modules. The rocket has a total length of 53.7 meters, with a core-level diameter of five meters, a booster diameter of 3.35 meters and a takeoff weight of 837.5 tons. It has a low earth orbit carrying capacity greater than 22 tons.