Hainan: Beidou Program expands to Clean Water Bay Information Industrial Park in Southern China

The Conference for Beidou Program’s Entry into Hainan was held on March 19th in Clean Water Bay International Information Industrial Park, Lingshui Li Autonomous County of Hainan. The Lingshui Beidou Remote Sensing Navigation Application Research Institute was inaugurated at the meeting.

With the increasing economic globalization and the global informatization, satellite navigation and location service programs become important breakthroughs for major countries to take the strategic commanding point in the new rounds.

At the meeting the reporter learned that currently the world’s mature satellite navigation systems include the GPS system in United States, Russia’s GLONASS system, China’s COMPASS (Beidou) system, and the European Galileo system. China’s satellite navigation and location service industry enters a new stage of development along with the steady development of the Beidou satellite navigation system.

By the end of 2016, more than 10 million sets of China’s Beidou terminals are held in the society and the short-messaging terminal users reach about more than 300,000. 50-60 companies participated in the research and development or sales of the Beidou terminal, with an annual production value about 10 billion yuan. In terms of current industrial development, China’s satellite navigation and location services industry will enter a rapid and leaping growth period after 2018.

However, as a major maritime and tourism province in China, there is a void for Hainan in the satellite navigation applications except the fishing ships under the jurisdiction of the South China Sea Fisheries Administration while the market demand for satellite applications in the province is considerable. Thus there is an urgent demand for the development of the satellite application industry.

Chen Wanxin, the deputy director of the Industry and Information Technology Department of Hainan Province, said that Hainan attaches great importance to the application and development of the Beidou Program in the past few years. There are also a number of enterprises that are involved in the construction of turning Hainan into an information intelligence island. However, the satellite application industry in Hainan is undeveloped. Given that the satellite application industrial cluster with strong capabilities for innovation, scientific research and production has not yet formed and that there is a huge and urgent demand for satellite applications and the construction of satellite application industry chain with Beidou satellite navigation as the core in Hainan, more Beidou companies are needed to get involved and cooperate in Hainan to achieve a win-win result.

Coincidentally, Sun Jiangdong, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the winner of the “Two Bombs, One Satellite Merit Medal” and the Highest Science and Technology Awards, proposed that the construction of the Clean Water Bay International Information Industrial Park can be promoted through the Beidou program, receiving unanimous approval from all circles.

Peng Jinhui, the deputy governor of Hainan Province, said at the meeting that the construction and operation of the Beidou Navigation Satellite System had been included into the national development strategy and the Beidou program was also in line with Hainan’s industrial planning and its development direction. On February 28, the Lingshui Beidou Remote Sensing and Navigation Application Research Institute was formally inaugurated in Clean Water Bay International Information Industry Park, a starting point of Hainan Beidou Industrial Development in Hainan.

“I hope all entrepreneurs will boldly invest in Hainan, make planning in Hainan as soon as possible, and seize the development opportunity to turn Hainan into a model base for the Beidou Navigation Satellite System application industry, influential both at home and abroad.” said Peng Jinhui.

Shen Rongjun,an Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said in his speech at the meeting that Hainan was a great place with unique advantages. With Hainan as the strategic portal of the Maritime Silk Road and its combination of great environment, vast sea, abundant tourism resources, and developed railway and highway, it is highly favorable for the application and promotion of the Beidou. It is easy to turn Hainan into a gathering place and stronghold for many enterprises in the Beidou industrial chain.

Mai Zhenghua, the secretary of the Lingshui County Party Committee, said that Lingshui would give full play to its advantages in ecology, resources and policies. Under the guidance of Beidou Navigation Remote Sensing Application Research Institute and the two academicians, it will proactively promote the development and the close integration of Beidou application technology in ocean, agriculture, fishery, tourism and culture, education and other aspects and promote the high-tech industries led by electronic information technology and Beidou Navigation application technology in Lingshui. It will also develop the new business of “Internet plus Beidou application”, expand related industries scale, integrate the applications, and strive to build Beidou industrial cluster.

Zhang Xu, the general manager of Clean Water Bay International Information Industrial Park, said that the Beidou Remote Sensing Navigation Application Research Institute has been established to provide technical, consulting, and docking services for Beidou enterprises, namely, to build bridges between enterprises and the government. In the future, Clean Water Bay International Information Industrial Park will be the starting point for the operation of the Beidou satellite navigation system in Hainan Province and the Beidou Satellite Navigation Industrial Park, a “Park in the Park”, will be constructed soon. Comprehensive support will be provided in funding, policies, and talents.