Commissioner of the State Intellectual Property Office Shen Chanyu: Intellectual Property Rights Effectively Promote Industrial Innovation and Development

On March 13, at the “Ministers’ Passage” of the North Hall of Great Hall of the People after the fourth plenary session of the 13th National People’s Congress, reporters raise questions to Shen Changyu, the Commissioner of the State Intellectual Property Office: as the transformation and upgrading in industry, how could Chinese enterprises take better use of intellectual property to promote the content of technologies and the added value of products?

Shen Changyu replies, in recent years, with the acceleration of industrial transformation and upgrading, enterprises have paid more and more attention to the transformation and application of patent technology, and the Intellectual Property Office has also taken a series of measures to promote related work.

First of all, we continue to deepen the reform of the distribution mechanism for intellectual property rights in order to set up a more scientific and rational equity allocation mechanism, fundamentally mobilizing the enthusiasm and initiative of obligees and all kinds of innovative subjects in their achievement transformation. It is estimated that, there were over 15,000 technical contracts involving patents only last year, the volume of which was over 140 billion yuan with nearly a 10% year-on-year growth.

Secondly, we speed up the construction and improvement of the operating system and platform for intellectual property rights in order to promote the comprehensive application of it, including the transfer of intellectual property rights, acquisition and hosting, trade and circulation, financing pledge, patent navigation and analysis and evaluation, etc., all of which will be supported by the platform.

Thirdly, we vigorously promote the development of intellectual property- intensive industries, including intelligent manufacturing, bio-medicine, new generation mobile communication, and so on. So far, the added value of intellectual property- intensive industries has already accounted for 12.4% of the GDP in China. In addition, we put emphasis on certain key areas and set up an intellectual property alliance via fields like artificial intelligence, Beidou navigation and energy conservation and environmental protection, effectively improving the innovative development of related industries. It is known that the Beidou Navigation Intellectual Property Alliance was founded in Guangzhou last December, aiming to promote deep integration of intellectual property rights and industries, as well as improving the core competitiveness of Beidou navigation industry.