Several Opinions on Promotion and Application of BeiDou Satellite Navigation System by China’s National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geo-information

Administrations of surveying, mapping and geo-information in provinces, autonomous regions and cities, Administrations of surveying, mapping and geo-information in Xinjing Production and Construction Corps, all units affiliated to the bureau, all departments under the bureau,

In order to implement and carry out CPC Central Committee and the State Council’s major strategic decision on the fusion development of military and civil fields, as well as Several Opinions on the Promotion of Geo-information Industry Development and the Medium and Long Term Development Plan of China’s Satellite Navigation Industry, to bring the advantages of surveying, mapping and geo-information departments into full play, to fulfill the supervision and service duties, to accelerate the promotion, application and industrialization of Beidou Satellite Navigation System (hereinafter referred to as Beidou) in civil fields, and to safeguard China’s national security and interest, we put forward the opinions below.


Ⅰ.Fully recognize the significance of promoting and applying Beidou


  1. Beidou is a satellite navigation positioning system that China develops independently, an important infrastructure that serves economic construction, social progress and public security. Beidou fills in the blank in China’s satellite navigation positioning field, makes an important composition in China’s surveying, mapping and geo-information infrastructure. It will bring new energy to promote geo-national-condition monitoring, digital urban construction and “Map World” construction, and possesses great significance to push forward China’s surveying, mapping and geo-information development, to carry out “Going Out” strategy and to strengthen a strong power in surveying and mapping.
  2. We should pay great efforts in pushing forward the large-scale application of Beidou, as that has great importance to scientific and technological innovation, industrial restructuring, accelerating social production efficiency, improving people’s living standard, uplifting China’s core competitiveness and safeguarding China’s national security.
  3. Beidou started China’s new era in navigation and positioning service industry, will further promote China’s geo-information industry development. The number of public applications based on Beidou has risen largely. Government public affairs management, urban management and military, emergency aid etc are growing rapidly. Beidou industrialization has seen wide development possibilities. In order to further promote the application of satellite navigation system with China’s own independent intellectual property, we need to strengthen support, market nurturing and application promotion of the independent Beidou navigation and positioning products and positioning policies. With the premise of national security, we should proactively promote the wide application of Beidou, and to promote the development of geo-information industry.


. Pay efforts in planning and coordinating to strengthen Beidou promotion and application.


  1. We should put the surveying, mapping and geo-information departments into full play. Beidou is an important support for China’s geo-information industry. During the process of Beidou’s industrialization, all levels of administrations of surveying, mapping and geo-information shoulder great responsibilities in market entering standard, safety monitoring, product certification and quality assessing. Surveying, mapping and geo-information departments in different places should fulfill their duties under the unified direction and deployment, in order to give it a full play of the supervision role in the Beidou application industrialization process.
  2. We should build a planning scheme for Beidou promotion and application. In Beidou ground infrastructure construction and scientific and technological innovation, surveying, mapping and geo-information departments have unique advantages. We should proactively communicate and coordinate with reform and opening up departments, financial departments and science and technology departs. We should play the advantage of central government, local government and other social organizations, in order to plan as a whole for the satellite navigation infrastructure construction and application. We should strengthen scientific and technological innovation and greatly promote Beidou industrialization application. At the same time, we should strengthen monitoring of the data security in positioning service through building a sound market monitoring and management scheme.


. Pay efforts in accelerating Beidou ground infrastructure construction


  1. We should enhance the construction of Beidou ground foundation reinforcement system and accelerate the reconstruction of the existing national satellite navigation continuous operation reference station network, in order to make it compatible to Beidou System. We should plan as a whole and direct different places’ construction on Beidou ground foundation reinforcement system, and carry out the plan step by step, so that the Beidou ground foundation reinforcement system construction can be pushed forward all-roundly. We should accelerate the promotion of modern surveying and mapping standards to wide usage, and provide more accurate Beidou navigation and positioning service.
  2. We should promote the construction skills on position data comprehensive service platform, fully uses advantaged resources such as the “Map World,” accelerate modern datum construction, and promote positioning service system construction. We should utilize mapping and geo-information, remote data information, traffic information, weather information, environment information etc. comprehensively, utilize cloud calculation technology, and provide comprehensive positioning data comprehensive service for various users.



. Pay efforts in strengthening Beidou application technology innovation


  1. We should enhance Beidou application innovation ability construction, utilize the existing industrial technological resources, promote innovation platform constructions such as project (technology) research centers and enterprise research and development centers that serve industry application. We support the scientific institutions and colleges to establish Beidou application technology innovation scheme that combines producing, studying, researching and utilizing. We should conduct multi-field, cross-subject scientific research and technological development, proactively support positioning-based big data and the Internet of things technology innovation and application service, in order to enhance key technologies and common skills research ability.
  2. We should make breakthroughs on key technologies of Beidou application, conduct technological research based on Beidou real time dynamic high-accuracy positioning, develop multi-functional precise single-point positioning software system, conduct research on single reference station difference, multi reference station difference and wide area difference, in order to increase the reliability and accuracy of the positioning. We should enhance the research and development of satellite-loaded Beidou receiver and multi-module receiver, promote the application of Beidou in satellite surveying and mapping. We should conduct research on compatible multi-system association application technology and independent support technology of Beidou in various industrial applications. We should accelerate high-accuracy highly dynamic time and space reference information application service, seamless positioning service both indoors and outdoors and smart positioning service, so that the Beidou application can be explored both in depth and in width.
  3. We should enhance the Beidou application standard scheme construction, include Beidou application standard scheme construction into surveying, mapping and geo-information standardization construction plan, conduct research on and establish Beidou application standard scheme frame. We should take the surveying, mapping and geo-information reference construction, data collecting and processing, navigation and positioning services and emergency security service, etc. as our main focus, pay attention to promoting formulation and revision of the urgently required, common and basic standards, in order to promote Beidou to be utilized widely in surveying, mapping and geo-information field. We should promote the application standards to be utilized in military field, civil field, as well as by international users. We should also enhance the promotion of Beidou application standard system.


. Pay efforts in supporting Beidou related enterprises to develop

  1. We should give full play to the role of the industrial association. China Satellite Navigation Association should play its role of leading, coordinating and serving, proactively promote socialized application of Beidou, scientific and technological innovation, education, training and self regulation of the industry. We should release Beidou white paper on a regular basis, lead the society to utilize Beidou and to promote Beidou’s industrial development.
  2. We should lead the enterprises to develop together. Geo-information scientific and technological industry gardens in both nation-level and local-level should attract more Beidou related enterprises to settle, through favorable policies such as taxation, finance, equity incentive, high and new technology enterprise certification, etc, in order to give full play to the collective role of geo-information industrial garden.
  3. We should support the enterprises to “go out,” encourage enterprises with favorable conditions to establish Beidou Satellite Navigation research and development centers and sales network in overseas countries cooperatively, and to explore the international market. We should utilize the platform of “the geo-information management ability development project of China and other developing countries” to conduct international cooperation in satellite navigation field. Enterprises in other countries are also encouraged to develop and utilize Beidou System.
  4. We support enterprises to apply for Beidou industrialization demonstration programs. We organize satellite navigation enterprises with appropriate conditions to proactively apply for national satellite and application industry development programs supported by Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance. We should work with related departments, joint-handedly set up Beidou surveying, mapping and geo-information application demonstration programs.


. Pay efforts in promoting Beidou industrial application


  1. We should enhance the application of Beidou in surveying, mapping and geo-information industry, proactively research and promote the utilization of Beidou in major projects, major plans and important areas. We should proactively research and promote the utilization of Beidou in project surveying and mapping, property surveying and mapping, environment monitoring, etc. We should take the real time dynamic space standard----“China’s national modern surveying and mapping standard system” as a major project, and accelerate utilizing Beidou upgrading and promoting application.
  2. We should promote Beidou to be utilized in other major industries. Through many methods such as providing technological support and joint-handedly developing application system, we should work proactively with departments such as public security, traffic and transportation, disaster prevention and relief, farming, forestry, water reservation, meteorology, land resources, environment protection, police, etc, and promote Beidou products and services to be utilized in a large scale in these areas.


. Pay efforts in improving Beidou application market environment


  1. We should enhance security monitoring in positioning service. In the revision process of confidential policies such as the Rules on State Secret Scope in Surveying and Mapping Management, we should strengthen research on navigation and positioning related data confidential scope, decide scientifically on the confidential content of surveying, mapping and geo-information achievements based on Beidou. We should coordinate and associate with certain departments, formulate data security management scheme of Beidou navigation and positioning service. We should strengthen monitoring and management of navigation and position service platform and user position reporting, so that we can safeguard national security and interest at the same time of bringing Beidou’s accuracy advantage into full play. We should strictly implement various rules on geo-information confidential management and provide a safe and orderly market environment for Beidou industrialization application.
  2. We should strengthen the product quality monitoring and supervision of Beidou navigation and positioning service, proactively promote related departments to cooperate on the establishment of Beidou navigation and positioning service product quality monitoring and supervision. We should conduct product modeling and certification work based on Beidou surveying and mapping equipment, to promote independent innovative achievement transmission. We should build an authorized comprehensive quality assessment system of map navigation and positioning product. We should further strengthen the testing and assessment work of map navigation product on the basis of Criterion of Vehicle Electric Map Products and Criterion of Electric Maps Assessment.


National Administration Of Surveying, Mapping And Geoinformation

6th March 2014