BeiDou Navigation Satellite System Vehicle Monitoring System

1. Background

In an era of information, vehicles are no longer just simply a means of transportation in its various applications in different fields and sectors. Departments of vehicle monitoring usually see a vehicle as a point of information. They collect the data of these points so as to keep track, monitor and direct vehicles.

The vehicle monitoring system, which is based on the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System, combines the BeiDou navigation and position technology, the technology of geographical information system (GIS) and the Internet technology, which provides integrated solutions for monitoring and controlling center on different kinds of vehicles for example carrier vehicles, passenger buses, government vehicles and special vehicles such as police cars, cash carriers, fire engines, ambulances, mail cars, engineering rescue vehicles and so on. The monitoring and controlling center can realize all-time, seamless internet covered acquisition of location, direction, speed and various other information regarding the vehicle’s status. The center can also perform real-time monitoring, dispatch, information service, process all kinds of alarms and so forth.

2. System Features

The vehicle monitoring system is a supportive platform. The platform is based on the communication between BeiDou vehicle location, dispatch and monitoring center and vehicles. The system can provide all-time, seamless location information by means of longitude and altitude in a wide range. It can also provide a strong support for vehicle navigation and location, monitoring and management, dispatch, security and secrecy and route optimization, so as to help to form a modern transport system, lower the transportation cost and improve economic effectiveness.

3. System Composition

The vehicle monitoring and command system based on BeiDou has two basic models of networking.

4. Basic Model

In this model, the number of terminals in control is limited by the capacity of the command controller. At present, one command controller can manage a hundred BeiDou terminals. This networking model is suitable for smaller (whose number of terminals is less than 500), or mobile command center.

Basic model of BeiDou vehicle monitoring and command system

5. Enhanced Model

Enhanced model of BeiDou vehicle monitoring and command system

Based on the basic networking model of satellite radio links, the enhanced model is additionally equipped with ground wire link, for example the high reliable VPN special line. The advantage of this model is that the number of its terminals in control is unlimited, which makes it suitable for larger and fixed command center.

6. Main Functions

The system mainly provides integrated location-based information service for vehicle command and dispatch departments in various industries with the need to implement vehicle monitoring. In daily work, the system provides the vehicle command and dispatch departments with real-time location report, delivers and processes geographic location information. It can provide vehicle status report, departure and arrival report, regional alarm, emergence alarm, data collection and real-time report of vehicle sensor, weather forecast of the route related region and notification of major situations.

Sketch map of the platform’s software

7. System Features

1). Independent intellectual property rights and encouraged by domestic policies.

2). High concurrent processing ability and large scope of coverage.

3). Small in size and low energy consumption.

4). Communication and broadcast function.

5). Data storage and process function.

6). Data sharing.

7). Compatible system.


a. The whole-process, dynamic information management of all vehicles.

b. The whole-process vehicle location monitoring and SMS communication services.

c. Real-time data collection and transmission of special transport vehicles.

d. Improves the security management and effectiveness of transportation and lowers the unloaded ratio.

e. Provides effective rescue services and ensures swift and accurate rescue operations.