Development Report on BeiDou Satellite Navigation System-System Application

Since BeiDou Satellite Navigation System started to provide service, China’s satellite navigation application has achieved great progress in theoretical research, application technology research and development, receiver manufacturing, and application as well as service. With the development of BeiDou Satellite Navigation System construction and service performance, it has formed a relatively complete application industry system consisting of basic products, application terminals, systematic application and operation service. We have achieved breakthroughs in almost all key technologies such as key chips and modular, with similar performance standards of the international products of the same type. Related products have been used in traffic and transportation, maritime fishery, hydrological monitoring, weather forecast, forestry fire prevention, time synchronization of communication, electricity dispatching, disaster prevention and relief, among many areas. It is producing widely social and economic benefits, especially when it’s used in the relief effort to fight south China frozen disaster, the earthquakes in Sichuan’s Wenchuan, Lushan and Qinghai Yushu, and when it’s used on Beijing Olympics and Shanghai Expo.

  1. In the field of traffic and transportation, BeiDou System is widely utilized in monitoring and management of the key transportation process, public road infrastructure safety control, high accuracy real time monitoring of positioning dispatching at the port.
  2. In the field of maritime fishery, based on BeiDou System, many services could be available for the fishery department, including ship position monitoring, emergency rescue, information release, management of the fishers entry and exit the port.
  3. In the field of hydrological monitoring, BeiDou System has been successfully utilized in the real time transmission of hydrological monitoring information in mountainous regions, increasing accuracy rate in disaster forecast, and providing important support for formulating flood control and drought relief plans.
  4. In the field of weather forecast, we have developed a series of BeiDou terminal equipment that specialize in weather forecast. We launch the “Demonstration application of monitoring and alerting towards atmosphere, ocean and space,” formulate practical system application solutions, realize automotive transmission of digital message between weather stations.
  5. In the field of forestry fire prevention, BeiDou System has been utilized successfully. Positioning and short message functions play an important role in its success.
  6. In the field of communication time synchronization, we have successfully carried out demonstration application of BeiDou two-way timing. We make breakthroughs on the key technologies such as disperse fiber, and develop unified satellite timing system.
  7. In the field of electricity dispatching, we successfully carried out demonstration application of BeiDou electricity time synchronization, and make it possible for the launch of high-accuracy time applications such as the electricity accident analysis, electricity alerting system and protection system.
  8. In the field of disaster prevention and relief, on the basis of BeiDou System’s navigation, positioning, short message communication and position reporting functions, many nationwide services are provided, including real time commanding and dispatching of disaster relief, emergency communication, fast reporting and sharing of disaster information, which has notably increased the fast reaction ability and decision ability of emergent disaster relief.

China is formulating a series of policies to strengthen satellite navigation application. As a strategic industry that newly emerged, BeiDou System application and promotion work receives strong support from both national departments and local governments. In August 2013, the State Council publicized Several Opinions on Promoting Information Consumption to Expand Domestic Demand, which demonstrate support for making BeiDou applications an important information consumption area that the country should cultivate. In September 2013, the State Council released the Medium and Long Term Development Plan for China’s Satellite Navigation Industry, which laid out country-level all-round plan for the long term development of satellite navigation industry.

BeiDou Satellite Navigation System promotes China’s satellite navigation and positioning service industry to enter a new era, and will continue to provide better positioning, navigation, timing and short message communication services for civil aviation, shipping, railway, finance, postal service, land resources, and tourism.