China Greets the New Year of 2018 with a Successful Launch of Gaojing/SuperView-1 03 and Gaojing/SuperView-1 04 Satellites

Our country successfully blasted off Gaojing-1 03 and Gaojing-1 04 satellites into the desired orbit aboard Long March 2D rocket from Taiyuan satellite launch center at 11:24am, January 9th, which marked a complete success for China's first space launch mission in 2018.

This is the second launch of self-developed commercial remote sensing satellite constellation by China Aerospace Science and Technology Company (CAST) with the aim to explore commercial operation of our country's high resolution remote sensing satellites. 0.5m resolution Gaojing-1 03 and Gaojing-1 04 satellites can achieve long strip imaging, multiple-strip stitching imaging, stereo imaging and multiple point targets imaging and features wide coverage, multi targets, multi modes and fast application. After the in-orbit testing, both satellites will provide remote sensing data services and application system solutions for global users, as well as value added services for the investigation and surveying of land resources, environment monitoring, financial insurance and Internet industry. The first batch of four high resolution optical remote sensing satellites with 0.5m resolution built of a network of Gaojing commercial remote sensing satellites system, which marks a complete establishment of China's first high resolution commercial remote sensing satellites with 0.5m resolution.

Gaojing-1 03 & 04 satellites and Long March 2D rocket were developed by CAST's China Academy of Space Technology and Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology respectively. This is the 261st flight of Long March series rocket.