Development Report on BeiDou Satellite Navigation System-Foreword

Satellite navigation system is able to provide all-day, all-weather, high-accuracy positioning, navigation, and timing services for users both on the surface of the earth and in the near-earth space. It is a space infrastructure of great important that extend the activities of mankind, and to push forward social progress. Satellite navigation is bringing revolutionary change to the world’s politics, economy, military affairs, technology and culture.

China, with its long history and splendid culture, is one of the important cradles of human civilization. Since the ancient time, China has used the big dipper to take one’s bearings, and invented the world’s earliest navigation unit-Si’nan, or compass, which was a progress to boost human civilization. Today, BeiDou Satellite Navigation System will become China’s another contribution to human society.

In the early 1980s, China began to proactively explore a satellite navigation system that suites our national conditions. In 2000, the completion of BeiDou Satellite Navigation Pilot System signifies that China has become the third country after the United States and Russia to own an independent satellite navigation system. It started providing service for Asia-Pacific area in December 2012, and will do so for global users by around 2020.

The construction and development of BeiDou Satellite Navigation System will meet the requirements of national security, economic construction, scientific development and social progress, safeguard national interests and enhance comprehensive national power. BeiDou Satellite Navigation System will be committed to provide stable, reliable, high-quality satellite navigation service, and hold hands with other satellite navigation systems worldwide to promote the development of global satellite navigation industry, to push forward human civilization and social progress, to serve the world and to benefit all people.