Guidance on Actively Promoting Internet Plus Action Plan by the State Council

People’s government of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, ministries and commissions and organization directly under the State Council,

The Internet plus is aimed to deeply integrate Internet innovation achievements into all economic and social fields, propel technical progress, efficiency enhancement and organizational reform, enhance the innovative power and productivity of the real economy, and form a more extensive new form of economic and social development with the Internet as infrastructure and innovation element. During the new round of global scientific and technical revolution and industrial transformation, the integrative development of the Internet in all fields with a broad prospect and unlimited potential has become an irresistible trend of the times, and has strategic and overall influences on the economic and social development of all countries. The active exertion of comparative advantages of the Internet in China, the grasp of opportunities, the consolidation of confidence and the faster promotion of the Internet plus development are favorable for rebuilding an innovation system, inspiring innovation vitality, cultivating a new business pattern and innovating public service mode, and are of great significance for the "double engines" of forging the venture and innovations of the public and increasing public products and services, actively adapting to and guiding the new normal of economic development, forming new energies of economic development and realizing the quality improvement, efficiency increase and upgrading of China's economy.

In recent years, China has made great progresses in respect of Internet technologies, industries, applications, cross-field integration, etc., has had a solid foundation for speeding up the Internet plus development. However, China is confronted with the inadequate sense and capability of the Internet application of traditional enterprises, the not deep understandings of Internet enterprises for traditional industries, system and mechanism barriers to the development of a new business pattern, a serious shortage of talents of cross-field knowledge backgrounds and other problems, which are urgently in need to be solved. The following opinions are given for actively propelling the Internet plus action, in a bid to speed up impelling the deep integration into all fields and innovative development of the Internet, and give fully play to the important role of the Internet plus in stabilizing growth, promoting reform, adjusting structure, benefiting the people's livelihood and preventing risks.

I. Requirement of Action

(1). General Idea

(2). Fundamental Principle

(3). Development Goals


II. Key Internet Plus Actions

(1). Entrepreneurship and innovation

(2). Collaborative manufacturing

(3). Modern agriculture

(4). Smart energy

(5). Inclusive finance

(6). Public services

(7). Efficient logistics

(8). E-commerce

(9). Convenient transportation

(10). Green ecology

(11). Artificial intelligence


III.Supportive Measures

(1). Enhance the Foundation of Development

i. To Enhance Internet Infrastructure

To speed up the implementation of “Broadband China” Strategy, organize and execute a new generation of information infrastructure projects, promote the transformation and upgrading of fiber-optic network, speed up improving the service ability of mobile communication network, promote connectivity of networks, largely improves the speed of internet visits and lower the prices of internet usage, to perfect the compensation mechanism of the general telecommunication services support the construction, operation and maintenance of broadband network in rural and remote areas, to make internet an infrastructure, which connects people, machines and things accessible to all industries, all areas and all fields.

To enhance the global service ability of BDS, and construct a integrated internet of space and ground systems. To speed up the deployment of commercial deployment of Internet, enhance the IP management of IPv6, tag management and process, to construct a new experiment platform of future internet innovation. To study the structure of industrial internet and construct an open platform for the verification of national innovation.

(2). To strengthen the driver of innovation

(3). To make a comfortable environment

(4). To expand overseas cooperation

(5). To enhance intellectual education  

(6). To improve guidance and support

(7). To fulfill organization and implementation

State Council

1st, July,2015