The World's First Unmanned Cargo Ship Project Officially launched and BeiDou Applications Make it Unique

According to the Peak Evening News of Chinese Voice report, on December 8th, in the just concluded Shanghai Maritime Exhibition, the world's first unmanned cargo ship project officially started. The project is carried out by the Chinese Classification Society, the Zhuhai municipal government, Wuhan University of Technology and the Intelligent Cloud Island Quartet and the first Asian unmanned boat offshore test field will be constructed simultaneously and it is expected to the first unmanned cargo ship will be launched at the end of next year.

There is no need to hire sailors and the controllers only need to sit in an unmanned shipping control center to see the screen and move the keyboard so that the remote cargo ship can be remotely controlled, and the marine transportation can be easily completed. Chinese Classification Society, the Zhuhai municipal government and Wuhan University of Technology and Zhuhai Yun Chau Intelligent Company have signed of a memorandum of cooperation, launching the world's first unmanned cargo ship project and aiming at the future trillion dollars unmanned shipping market.

This unmanned cargo ship named "somersault cloud", meaning achieving intelligent autonomous operation with "cloud technology". "The somersault cloud " has a body length of 50 meters, using electric propulsion and its continuous shipment can reach 500 miles, mainly for inland shipping. At the same time, it can effectively solve the "pain point" of island recharge in bad weather. Sun Feng, Vice President of Chinese Classification Society said: "first, from the very beginning, the ship is designed for actual use, taking into account the actual use of the environment. The ship is designed not only for the test but for practical business; second, in addition, the ship meets the demand of current unmanned, unmanned control and intelligent control. The power system is pure battery, which is currently the most dynamic technology, new and very forward-looking application; third, its navigation system is our own BeiDou system, which cannot be seen in other projects."