Medium and Long Term Development Plan for China’s Civil Space Infrastructure



Civil space infrastructure refers to the space-ground engineering facilities that utilize space resources to provide remote sensing, communication broadcast, navigation and positioning, and other products and services. It consists of space system, ground system and their related systems, which are coordinated in function and stable in operation. Civil space infrastructure possess strategic significance in modernization and making the society information-oriented and intelligence-oriented. At the same time it is an important bolster for national security, and an important method to push forward scientific development, transform economic development mode, and realize an innovation-driven society. It possesses magnificent strategic meaning for China’s modernization construction to accelerate establishing an open, safe, stable, reliable civil space infrastructure that acts on Chinese people’s will, and operates continuously in long term.


In order to push forward the healthy and rapid development of China’s civil space infrastructure, and to realize the scale-up, professionalism and industrialization, we formulate this plan according to major requirements and general guidelines of the national economy and social development, such as The Outline of the 12th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development of the People's Republic of China and the 12th Five-Year Plan for National Strategic Emerging Industries. 


I. Current Situation

i) Accelerated upgrading and updating of global civil space infrastructures

ii) China’s civil space infrastructure is amid a critical period of transition

iii) There’s urgent needs in developing civil space infrastructure for economic and social development

iv) China’s civil space infrastructure brooks no delay for planning as a whole


II. Guidelines and Principles

i) Guidelines

ii) Principles

a. To serve the application, to plan as a whole

b. To drive it with innovation, to develop on our own

c. To coordinate the space and the ground, to develop synchronously

d. To guide it by the government, to develop with an open mind



Steps will be taken to gradually establish a national civil space infrastructure that is technologically advanced, independent and manageable, rational in layout with global coverage, and consists of satellite remote sensing system, satellite communication broadcast system and satellite navigation and positioning system. It should meet major industrial and regional application requirements; bolster the development needs of China’s modernization construction, national security and the improvement of people’s livelihood.


IV. Establishment of satellite remote sensing system, satellite communication broadcast system and satellite navigation positioning system.

i) Satellite remote sensing system

ii) Satellite communication broadcast system

iii) Satellite navigation positioning system

The satellite navigation space system and ground system construction has been taken into the overall planning and implantation of China’s second-generation satellite navigation system major project. By 2020, Beidou Global Satellite Navigation System consisting of 35 satellites will be constructed, and will be able to provide global users 10 meter-level positioning service and 20 nanosecond-level timing service.

According to the objectives and tasks set by the Medium and Long Term Development Plan for China’s Satellite Navigation Industry, in line with China’s second-generation satellite navigation system major project, we should proactively elevate the ground application service ability of Beidou system, plan the Beidou Satellite Navigation foundation reinforcement system, integrate the existing resources of reference station networks that allow multiple modules to operate continuously, build a national reference station network, in order to uplift service performance of the system, and to provide meter/decimeter-level accuracy in real time, centimeter-level accuracy for professional use and millimeter-level accuracy after post-processing in China and neighboring areas. We should comprehensively integrate basic information including geographical information, remote sensing data, architecture, traffic, disaster relief and reduction, water conservancy, meteorology, environment and regional borders, in order to build a comprehensive service system with nationwide high-accuracy positioning data. We should also build assisting positioning systems to achieve seamless positioning in key areas and certain spots.


V. Arrangement of the scientific research tasks in advance

i) Scientific research on remote sensing satellite

ii) Scientific research on communication broadcast satellite


VI. Proactively push forward major applications

i) Comprehensive application of resources, environment and ecological protection

ii) Comprehensive application of disaster relief and reduction, as well as emergency reactions

iii) Comprehensive application of social management, public service and safe production

iv) Cross-disciplinary comprehensive application of new-type urbanization and regional sustainable development

v) Comprehensive application of public information consumption and industrialization

vi) Comprehensive application of global observation and earth system science

vii) Application and international service


VII. Policies and Measures

i) To improve policy system

We should formulate policies and standards on utilizing Beidou Satellite Navigation System and its compatible technologies and products. We should establish frequencies for civil satellite and orbit resources planning, applying and reserving scheme.

ii) To promote diversified investment and industrialized application

iii) To enhance financial and taxation support

iv) To strengthen the innovation-driven mode

v) To encourage international development


VIII. Organization and Implementation

i) To clarify duties and job divisions

ii) To fix the subject of investment

iii) To accelerate project construction

iv) To strengthen surveillance and assessment