Using BeiDou Navigation Satellite System in CRSC,Chinese High-speed Rail Will Take Firmer Steps Going Abroad

At the China - Panama Business Forum held on 21st, Nov. Barrera, the president of Panama shared the feeling of taking Chinese high-speed rail and said he hopes Chinese technology and capital can be introduced to the railway construction of Central-American.

Short as 10 years, Chinese high-speed rail completed a transition from the introduction of technology to leadership of the world. Why it can "absorb fans" numerously?

 Recently, reporter visited the China Railway Signal and Communication Corp (referred to as CRSC), a microcosm of the leap-forward development of Chinese high-speed railway. Here you can find the "secret key" of Chinese high-speed rail "miracle".

The operation control system of CRSC-3 train that developed by CRSC, as the most advanced train operation control system in the world has been successfully applied to high-speed railway projects of Beijing-Shanghai, Wuhan-Guangzhou, Harbin-Dalian, Lanzhou-Xinjiang and Shanghai-Kunming. It is fully adapted to the high-temperature, Alpine, plateau and a series of complex environments and climatic conditions. The system provided a safe, stable technical assurance for the operation of high-speed rail.

CRSC is actively carrying out the next-generation train control system, intelligent integrated transportation system and train control system with a speed of 400 km per hour or above that based on BeiDou Navigation.

It is not only the enterprises of Chinese high-speed rail but the Chinese technology and standards that need to go global. "One car, two roads, three systems" are three core elements of Chinese high-speed rail, of which the system is high-speed rail train control system. At home, Chinese high-speed railways are "vertically and horizontally"; in abroad, Chinese, Chinese high-speed railways are "taking firmer steps" to go global.