CASIC Releases in- built BeiDou Module "Tian Yue" Reinforcement Handset

On November 17th, Institute 706, the Second Academy of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC) held a "built-in BeiDou Module, Tian Yue" press conference and officially released "Yue" series of mobile computing products. In total, more than 200 key users from the national ministries, local governments and military as well as suppliers, integrators and industrial partners attended the conference.

The conference releases "Tian Yue" series of mobile computing products including "Tian Yue" reinforced portable computer, "Tian Yue" reinforcement tablet computer and "Tian Yue" reinforcement handset, three generic computer products. This series of products, with high reliability, long life, heat resistance, impact resistance and other excellent performance, can adapt to the harsh environments of plateau, desert, jungle island, etc. and the products can meet the demands in data acquisition, image processing, command and control, communication positioning scenarios. They provide operations provide new and superior hardware platform solutions especially in harsh environment with users.

"Tian Yue" reinforced handset is a new generation of self-controlled handheld terminal products with using localization and the function module of the processor. The product is equipped with UHF RFID system, BeiDou RDSS (short message) and RNSS (location) function modules, which supports military encryption technology, and ensures high accuracy, high reliability and high security location, navigation and time service all over the world.

The conference aims to release "Tian Yue" series of mobile computing technology systematically and comprehensively to people from the related fields and Industry, with aerospace quality, artisan spirit, intentions for the majority of users to provide mobile lighter and more efficient, safer and more reliable computing products, and to join the industry partners together to climb new field of mobile computing the peak, for our country to build the information technology.