BeiDou steps into the new era of highly precision

On 27th October, 2017 International Forum for Navigation Industry and Technology Development (NaviForum) and 22th Jinqiao Industrial and Technical Innovation Conference was held in Shanghai. It was a significant event that combined NaviForum and Jinqiao Conference. The forum is themed as "Integration and Guidance—Highly Precise Positioning Navigation". Top brains of this field gathered in the event and pictured a new blueprint for the development of navigation products and technology in Shanghai.

Nowadays, it is the tendency of the time that communication integrates with navigation, one object connects with another. Highly precise mass applications have become the driving force for market growth. With the rapid development of navigation industry, some problems emerge. For example, in complex situations, the single satellite system and the single source result in imprecise and unreliable location. The possibility of applying highly precise navigation satellite system in overpasses, skyscrapers and other typical buildings is less than 50%. Under the backdrop, the direction of NaviForum is to discuss how to improve the applying accuracy of positioning navigation in complex situations and how to promote the development and production of low-cost centimeter to sub-meter level positioning products.

This Forum focuses on the mass application of highly precise positioning navigation. With the exchanges and discussions on shared technology, participants expect to promote deep collaboration of production, education, research and application, to improve technical innovation in navigation satellite industry as well as cross-industry integration. In the forum, Yang Yuanxi, Deputy Chief Designer of BeiDou navigation system, academician of China Academy of Sciences, was invited to deliver a keynote speech titled Satellite Navigation System and Integrated Navigation. He introduced the vulnerability of existing navigation satellite, the limitations of BeiDou navigation satellite system and our nation's solutions. Cao Chong, a leading expert of China Technical Application Association for Global Positioning System and Shanghai BeiDou Navigation Innovation Institute, gave a speech, an Analysis of Market Situation and Future Development of BeiDou Industry. He introduced that the integration of Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Virtual Reality, unmanned systems, Artificial Intelligence and BeiDou system would bring new opportunities.

In addition, the awarding ceremony Framework Agreement on Cooperation for Highly Precise Navigation Testing Service in Yangtze River Delta was held. Shanghai Institute of Technology on Measurement and Test, Beijing Oriental Institute of Measurement and Test, Jiangsu BeiDou Product Testing and Certification Center, College of Instrumental Engineering and Science in Southeast University, Shanghai Tongyao Communication Technology Company, totaled ten institutes and companies will sign this framework agreement. They promise to jointly promote sharing and collaboration of production, education and research in terms of testing technology, personnel and resources.  

How can BeiDou, this significant brand, inherit past traditions and break new grounds, contributing to the realization of "China Dream"? In the "New Prominent and Experienced Experts' dialogues on BeiDou" Section, Tan Shusen and Yang Yuanxi, academicians of China Academy of Sciences, Li Bofeng, professor of Tongji University and Chen Junping, professor of Shanghai Astronomical Observatory attended the dialogue and conducted in-depth discussion with companies' representatives on the development of BeiDou Navigation System. In the new era, BeiDou Navigation system will shoulder new responsibilities. BeiDou should go global with Chinese characteristics as well as upgrade and transfer its technology. Only in this can the highly standardized industry goal "highly precise, highly applicable and highly reliable" can be achieved. BeiDou will become China's outstanding business card in global stage.