Heilongjiang Province: "Satellites Navigation Plus Large Agricultural Machinery" Changed the Traditional Method in Autumn Harvest

On October 12, Sun Deqiang drove a large combine-harvester to reap his soybeans in a soybean field of the fifth management zone in the Friendship Farm, Hei Longjiang province. Three-hundred-mu soybeans were reaped within over 5 hours.

Up to the cab of the large machinery, its advancing operation systems amazed people.  On a screen were data including crop moisture, operating area and speed, etc. and the data were renewed in time. On the body of the machinery was a setting which could receive signals. This is the systems of auto-navigation, intelligent data supervision and transmission.

Sun said, "With the setting, the auto-driving can be realized after inputting longitude and latitude data of the land into the setting." Technicians can check on on-site working conditions and in-time data via mobile in distance. One problems appear, the automatic alarm of the systems will ring.

Sun Deqiang has over-20-year experience in farm work. In the past, he used small four-wheel tractor, small biocide pot and reaping hooks while he uses large agricultural machinery with satellite navigation. Sun Deqiang said, "In the past, it could cost dozens of days to reap crops. Now, it only takes several hours to finish the work." Sun Deqiang said.

Under the guidance of satellite, large combine-harvesters could operate precisely in fields with deviations between 0 to 2 centimeters, which is a goal that could not be achieved under traditional manned method. Sun Deqiang said, "if encountering in busy farming seasons or rainy and windy weather, the agricultural machinery can work overtime to reap or sow in the fields."

Even if it works at night, there will not be any errors and the task of reaping can be completed with good quality and quantity.  At 8 p.m., in the corn fields of Yang Yanli, located in 852 farms of Hei Longjiang province, a John Deere S680 harvester is reaping corns. The night is dark but the efficiency of the harvester is free of influence.

Xu Guozhong, Chief of Agricultural Machinery in 852 Farm, all the large machineries have been equipped with satellite aoto-navigation systems. They can be used in sowing, field management and autumn harvest. The unmanned drive and constant operation at night can be achieved.  Large agricultural machinery can dig over the whole land, which ensures the stable and large-quantity production of crops.

Liu Cheng, vice-head of Seven Stars Farm in Hei Longjiang Province, clicked on the analytic systems of remote sensing satellite and meteorological data in Bei Da Huan Agricultural Machinery Command and Control Centre. Information including sowing density, maturity, emergence date, fertilization record and current harvest area of rice can be clearly seen in a big screen.

Liu Cheng said that the maturity levels in different fields will be offered after the crops get matured. Combined with meteorological data, farmers will be informed when to reap.  After reaping, satellites will continue supervising the target areas in terms of land digging-over and maintenance so as to attain complete data in planting agricultural areas. By doing so, more detailed agricultural data could be offered for the next crops growing.

From the "big bend, small sickle, small pot" to "large agricultural machinery, satellite navigation, networking" now known as the "China granary", the traditional cultivation mode is "the modern mode of production and agricultural not people" is gradually replaced.