Academician Yang Yuanxi Raised up a Question that How to Improve "the Effect of Beidou" When the Space Time Benchmark Construction is Emphasized

On September 22, the second plenary session of the Central Civil-military Integration Development Committee is held. Secretary-general Xi delivered an important speech and pointed out that the key areas of civil-military integration should be the focal points to develop and that the whole level should be improved by arrow line.

During the period of September 18 to 24, the third Exhibition of Civil-military Integration High-tech Equipments Results and Forum was held in Beijing. Yang Yuanxi, Academician from Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that space-time benchmark construction is an important infrastructure construction and mark for the development of great-power politics, economic heavyweight and military power.  To fulfill the goal of civil-military integration strategy requires the enhancement of time-space benchmark construction.  To make sure the security of the territorial land, sky and marine need the protection of time-space benchmark with land, sky, space and marine integrated as a whole. As an important result of deeper civil-military integration, Beidou System is also an important support in the process of enhancing the time-space benchmark construction.