China Quantum Communication Network and Application Forum Held in Beijing

On September 27th, China Quantum Communication Network and Application Forum and Q-NET Launch Conference (hereinafter referred to as the Forum) was held in Beijing. The Forum, under the guidance of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, was co-sponsored by Bureau of Major R&D Programs Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences Holdings Co., Ltd., Quantum Information Association of China and Quantum Communication Industry Alliance of China, and was undertaken by Chinese Academy of Sciences Quantum Communication Net Co., Ltd. and QuantumCTek Holdings Co., Ltd. The Forum is of vital importance to promote industry cooperation and advance the development of quantum communication industry.

Ku Wen, director of Information and Communication Development Division of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, notes in his speech that quantum communication is of strategic importance in our country's science and technology competition, cultivation of emerging industries, national defense and economic development, among other fields, in future. China attaches great importance to the development and application of quantum information technology. The program of the national "Thirteenth Five Year Plan" has made it clear to "make strenuous efforts to construct quantum communication and the ubiquitous Internet of Things". Many important results have been yielded in the field of quantum communication under the guidance of national strategic planning and with joint efforts of the whole industry.

Ku Wen emphasizes that competent government departments, research institutions and the industry should step up cooperation and coordination in future and seize the opportunity of the Forum to promote the development of China's quantum communication network and its application. Firstly, accelerate the speed in making breakthroughs in key technologies and equipment research and development. Secondly, expand coverage of pilot projects and strengthen promotion efforts. Thirdly, promote industrial chain collaboration. Fourthly, establish and improve the standardized system.

Zhu Yu, vice-chairman of China Information Industry Association, reveals in the speech that China's quantum communication technology in recent years has ascended to the leading position in the world, which attracts wide attention worldwide. With the construction of major projects like quantum satellites and the Beijing-Shanghai Line, quantum emerges as a new concept in the public eye and the quantum communication industry embarks on its journey of booming development. Quantum Information Branch of China Information Industry Association collaborates with various organs and experts in this area to jointly promote sound, orderly and rapid development of the quantum information industry in China.

Wu Lebin, president of Chinese Academy of Sciences Holdings Co., Ltd. and Chinese Academy of Sciences Quantum Communication Net Co., Ltd., says that the attainment of China's leading role in the field of quantum communication is indispensable from the deployment in advance and overall arrangement of Chinese Academy of Sciences. According to the "Act in Advance" Plan of Chinese Academy of Sciences, CAS Holdings formulated the "Linked Innovation" Program and laid down the overall arrangement with quantum communication as a key industry. In doing so, it has realized preliminarily the linkage of "Three Chains" in the quantum information field, namely innovation chain, industry chain and capital chain, which helps lay a solid foundation for the cultivation of strategic emerging industries in the field of quantum communication and scale application of quantum communication in the world.

The Forum was divided into three parts of Industry, Product and Ecology. As for the part of Industry, Wang Jianquan, vice-president of Chinese Academy of Sciences Quantum Communication Net Co., Ltd., released the White Paper on Q-NET New Type of Quantum Security Service System. The White Paper can be divided into two parts with the first devoted to the introduction of the development of quantum communication industry and the second focused on the structure and concept of Q-NET quantum security service system.

As for the part of Product, Quantum Communication Net, Sugon and QuantumCTek launched a series of new products of Q-NET respectively, which has expanded the quantum communication network and its application and has attracted partners of various links of the industry chain to jointly build an ecosphere of quantum communication.

It is said that the Q-NET BOX released by Quantum Communication Network, with quantum communication and mobile communication technology at its core, is the equipment integrated with quantum security service network and its application. QC Server, the first quantum communication cloud security all-in-one machine in the world, developed jointly by Sugon and Quantum Communication Net, can provide a cloud computing operating system and cloud storage service platform integrated with quantum confidential communication. QuantumCTek releases three influential products, namely the first quantum SSL VPN in the world, the first commercialized time phase encoding QKD in the world and the fifth generation of new concept modularized quantum network products.

As for the part of Ecology, QuantumCTek signed a strategic cooperation agreement with DCITS, while Quantum Communication Net concluded strategic cooperation agreement with DCITS, Sugon, MOBIFOX and Tencent respectively. Zhou Yibin, president of DCITS, and Wu Zongyou, vice-president of Sugon, delivered a speech as the signatory representative. Apart from this, there was also a summit at this Forum. Relevant principals from China Mobile, China Unicom, China Financial Certificate Authority, State Information Center and other organizations exchanged their opinions on the topic of "being integrated into quantum communication industrial ecology and promoting the development of quantum information industry".