Exhibition on China's Five-year Achievements Launched in Beijing

An exhibition featuring China's outstanding achievements over the past five years was launched in Beijing on September 25. The exhibition at the Beijing Exhibition Center has 10 themed exhibition zones and one experiencing zone, introducing historic progress and changes of China and CPC since the 18th CPC National Congress. The themes include "practice new concept of development and lead the new normal of economic development", "adhere to the socialist road with Chinese characteristics, modernizing governance system and governance capabilities" and so on.

"I looked for my Beidou as I entered the exhibition hall." said Wang Shufang, senior engineer and deputy director of the Ministry of Transport's China Transport Telecommunications & Information Center (CTTIC). Wang has participated in the research and development of Beidou system since she graduated from the university in 1995. Step by step, she witnessed the Beidou system's turning from the thick report on the desk into China's independently developed global satellite navigation system.

"There are so many major scientific achievements in the exhibition, but I think, given the importance of Beidou, it should be included, and finally I see it here. I feel very excited." Standing in front of Beidou's future network architecture model the exhibition hall, Wang Shufang proudly shared her story with Beidou, where lies her most precious years of youth.

"The first of the five development concepts is innovation, which is a great encouragement for scientific research workers." Wang Shufang has confidence in the future, "In recent years, China has been committed to product localization, and has introduced a number of practical policy measures to guide, support and encourage innovation. I believe that China will be able to achieve more brilliant results in the future."