China's Beidou Contributing to Civil-Military Integration EXPO, Presenting Noiseless Exhibition Experience to Guests

The Beidou explanation device is adopted in the activities of "The 3d China Military and Civilian Integration high-tech equipment Expo and forum". It has achieved the smart many-to-many introduction, presenting the visitors a noiseless exhibition.

The full name of Beidou explanation device is "Beidou Zhixing exhibition real-time monitoring service platform", which can monitor and safeguard the entire exhibition with space-time datum. It not only allows visitors to choose the explanations as they wish, but also has a location based emergency service calling button. It can automatically record the tracks of visitors within the exhibition and form a real-time thermal map, real-time big data statistical analysis on the most popular exhibits as well as generate customized postcard according to the viewing track of the user. By achieving the visualization of the exhibition's real-time data, the exhibition viewing experience is not boring, and that is one of the reflections of the EXPO's innovative thinking.

According to the person in charge of the security work on site, the platform leader of the "Beidou Zhixing exhibition real-time monitoring service platform" introduced that the platform is developed basing on China's independently researched and developed Beidou satellite navigation and positioning system. It is not only a product of Beidou plus Internet of Things, but also a result from the practice of Civil-Military Integration. The platform provides users with time-space based services including story-line service and security service. It can achieve seamless indoor and outdoor positioning.

At present, the service of the platform has been launched throughout the country, and is to be promoted to the countries alongside the Belt and Road.