2020 Action Plan for Beidou Navigation Satellite Test and Certification Starts Implementation

On Sept. 19th, "the open day for national inspection and test agencies" opened in Chongqing. It is learned that the theme of this event is "enhance inspection and test, boost quality improvement and serve military and civilian integration". The event intends to display the positive role of inspection and test, as the basis for quality technology, in improving quality, promoting industrial transformation and serving national strategies such as supply side structural reform and military-civilian integration.

At the meeting, the Certification and Accreditation Administration and the Combat Environment Guarantee Bureau of the Joint Staff of the Central Military Commission signed the 2020 Action Plan for Beidou Navigation Satellite Test and Certification. They will jointly promote the building of the Beidou navigation satellite system test and certification to ensure and improve the quality of the product, system and service and push forward the application of China's independently developed Beidou. In addition, five Beidou navigation satellite product quality test centers including the National Communications Navigation and Beidou Satellite Application Product Quality Inspection Center and National Satellite Navigation and Application Product Quality Inspection Center formed the "China Beidou Satellite Navigation Products Test and Certification Alliance".

The Beidou navigation satellite system is an important space infrastructure for military-civilian integration. It is an independently developed and independently running navigation satellite system that focuses on national security and social development. With the rapid advance of industry application, how to conduct comprehensive, scientific and accurate evaluation of Beidou satellite navigation and related products has become a broad and urgent demand. Quality is one of the important factors concerning the healthy development of satellite navigation industry and scale development of application market. The test and certification is an internationally employed approach to improve quality. An improved Beidou navigation satellite test and certification system will provide one-stop service to organizations engaged in the design, research and development, production, operation and sales of Beidou. It is significant to protect users’ and consumers' rights, strengthen the government's administration and decision-making, promote international trade, ensure the implementation of standards, and lead to the healthy development of the industry.

Over 30 test and certification agencies for Beidou, new energy vehicles and energy conservation are open to the public, provide on-site test, demonstrations and presentation, and consulting services.

The test and certification is an important technical support for the national economy. It is the technical foundation to guarantee quality. It serves as basic guarantee and guidance for maintaining security, safeguarding people's livelihood, accelerating technological innovation, and promoting industrial progress. In recent years, the state issued a "National satellite navigation industry and long-term development planning", "The thirteen five national strategic emerging industry development plan", "Military and Civilian integration" thirteen five planning. In addition to the policy planning related to inspection and inspection, it is clear that the inspection test is determined to provide solid support for the development of the inspection and inspection of the industry, high - tech service industry, high - tech service industry and technology service industry. By the end of 2016, China has 33,235 test and certification agencies, with annual operating income of 206,511 billion RMB, employees of 1.025 million, 5.266 million units of equipment, and 356 billion copies of test reports, providing a wide range of services for all fields of economy and society.

According to the unified arrangement of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the Certification and Accreditation Administration, China will carry out a series of open-day events of test and certification agencies to provide the public with field visits, technical training, knowledge lectures, and test services.

It is reported that the Open Day of Test and Certification Agencies is one of the activity of the 2017 "Quality Month". It is jointly organized by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, the Certification and Accreditation Administration and the Chongqing municipal people's government.