Russia Establishes a GLONASS Measurement Station in Kamchatka Territory

In June 2017, experts from the Center for Information Analysis at the Academy of Time Coordination and Navigation-Support Sciences set up a station that collects measurements of global navigation satellite systems in Kamchatka area.

The project was carried out in collaboration with the National Research Center of the Institute of Geophysics, Kamchatka Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, which was supported by the National Science Budget.

The Observatory on Kamchatka Peninsula has multiple systems that can receive measurement data for all stably running satellite systems (“GLONASS”, “BeiDou”, GPS, “Galileo”).

The stability and integrity of the data are currently being tested, including real-time monitoring.

The establishment of a series of measurement stations that collect global navigation satellite system data aims at improving the accuracy and reliability of the "GLONASS" navigation service by analyzing the accuracy of other navigation satellite systems.

The measurement results obtained from the ground stations are critical for the operation of the GLONASS Radar navigation system and the control and performance support system. The control system showcases the most advanced models and navigation data processing methods.