China Star 9A Relies on the Self-equipped Satellite Booster to Enter the Orbit Successfully

July 6, the reporter learned from the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation that China's Star 9A relied on the self-equipped booster to enter the orbit successfully.

June 19, 2017, the Long March No.3 B-28 rocket was launched carried with the mid-range 9A satellite. But it failed to be sent to the orbit due to rocket error.

Under the closely cooperation with China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation in Xi'an satellite monitoring and control center, orbit was adjusted for 10 times accurately, and the satellite finally enter the scheduled orbit fixed at the longitude 101.4 ° east on July 5, 2017. At present, the satellite system is working well, transponders have been opened, and the on-orbit test will be carried afterwards.

According to the opinion by expert's review, the error occurred at the third stage of the launch of Long March No.3 B-28 rocket, but now the technology problem has been resolved.