Xie Jun, Deputy Chief Designer of Beidou Navigation Satellite System: to Make Users More Satisfied

Speaking of the Beidou's family history, Xie Jun, the deputy chief designed of Beidou Navigation Satellite System is quite familiar with it. "April 14, 2007, China successfully launched the Beidou No.2, the first Beidou navigation satellite. At the end of 2012, Beidou started provide services to the Asia-Pacific region. In the second half of this year, China plans to launch 6 to 8 Beidou No.3 satellites to establish global network, complete the launch of 18 satellites around 2018, to firstly provide basic services for countries along the road and belt, and launched 35 satellites around 2020 to establish the network and complete the global satellite navigation system."

Xie Jun said that when compared to the Beidou No.2 regional system, Beidou No.3 will expand services to the world, and at the same time upgrade some key technical aspects, to provide users with more quality services. The designed duration of Beidou No.3 satellite is increased from 8 years to 10 years, the reliability of orbit operation has also been greatly improved, and a new generation of atomic clock is equipped to enhance the user experience.

Space technology is an important manifestation of national comprehensive strength, innovative ability and basic industrial level. What makes Xie Jun happy is that the new generation of satellites launched in 2015 are operating well in orbit, proving that Beidou has met the requirements of reliability. Currently, Beidou No.3 system has made fruitful results, and all the key components are produced by China.

"The quality of space is our life. It is our goal to comply with strict management standards to ensure product quality, so that the Chinese people and even the global users could become more satisfied with Beidou." said by Xie Jun.