Hainan: The Establishment of Beidou and Other Comprehensive Command Platform with Complete Functions Is Required

On July 4, the reporter learned from the Hainan Provincial Public Security Frontier Corps that, Standards for Frontier Defense, Public Security, and Management of Hainan Coastal Ships and Fisherman was released in order to strengthen coastal security control, management and service for fisherman, and create coastal security barrier.

The standards require the province's border guards to establish the comprehensive command platform with complete functions of electronic radar, video surveillance, single side band, Beidou, and FIS. A video inspection must be conducted over the whole harbor district at least every 4 hours. Meanwhile, use WeChat, Weibo, and QQ group, to receive visa applications 24 hours from fisherman who would depart from harbor, release security, prevention, and warning information on time, and serve fisherman for production. In addition, improve applied standards for the management of information about ships and fisherman, reach 100% input rate for related information about civil cases of ships and fisherman, arrival and departure, and information collection, and ensure the accuracy rate for information reach 100%.