Tiantong Satellite Communication and Beidou Navigation Technology Forum Opens, Focusing on the New Economy of Wise Ocean

In June 30, 2017, the 12th China (Fuzhou) International Fishery Expo was held grandly in Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center. Benefited from China's huge aquatic consumption, and relying on the advantages of Fuzhou's brand of aquatic purchasing, Fuzhou Fishery Expo has become the largest professional fishery exhibition in southern China.

As an important part of the exhibition, Tiantong Satellite Communication and Beidou Navigation Technology Forum, sponsored by Lai Hai Tian Wang, was held grandly in the afternoon of July 1. This forum, themed as "Interconnectivity, the Revolution of Sea E-commerce", invited the related governmental leaders, academic representatives and partners to discuss how to seize opportunities, promote the Chinese satellite technology into the international market, and achieve the goal of sea power, under the background of the belt and road initiative, and the wise ocean.

It was fortunate that there are many important guests, media representatives, and elites participated in this grand ceremony, making it unprecedented.

For a long time, the communication on the sea has always been a problem hard to resolve.  On the one hand, due to the distance from the base station and the limited number of base stations, blind zones exist in some uncovered areas. On the other hand, the Inmarsat telephone monopolizes the market. The charges are expensive, and the security also remains to be seen. In August 6, 2016, Tiantong No.01 satellite, the Chinese version of Inmarsat, was successfully launched, laying the foundation for filling the gap in the domestic satellite mobile communication. It is understood that satellite mobile communication plays a significant role in the sea operation, field exploration, border patrol, and earthquake relief, due to its advantages of wide coverage, and no geographical constraints.

In the efforts to promote the layout of the marine strategy, Lai Hai Tian Wang first filled the gap in the field of global marine communication, and cooperated with Hwa Create Technology to develop multiple intelligent terminals integrated with satellite communication and navigation, based on the Beidou Navigation System and Tiantong No.1, these two big satellite communication technology systems. Through the new operation model of "platform + terminal", they created Wanchuan network, Yiyu network, Tiantong payment, real-time monitoring of cold chain logistics, and monitoring of deep sea cage culture, these five major platforms, to further deeply plow the ocean. In December 2016, the Lai Hai Tian Wang satellite navigation, and project of net with boat, were all selected as major projects for Fujian Province in 2017, laying a solid foundation for China to enhance the ability to seize strategic opportunities in the ocean.

The launch of the new product in this exhibition —— HTL-2200 hand-held multi-mode satellite phone really amazed visitors.  This product, equipped with high-end hardware configuration and thin form design, not only supports Tiantong No.1 network and the dual-card mode on the ground, but also features the positioning and navigation of both Beidou and GPS. It can provide confidential and reliable mobile communication services, and will become the first choice for communications between land and sea, government service, global business, exploration, and outdoor travel. At the launch, the relevant person, in charge of the HTL-2200 handheld multi-mode satellite phone, described the used technology in a detailed manner. "Andriod6.0 system, 300g slim body, 5.5-inch touch screen, 6200mAh long duration, IP65 three proofings design, and 64GB storage" , these innovative designs refreshed the public's awareness of satellite phones.

In recent years, China's industry of satellite navigation and communication services is growing rapidly with strong momentum. The launch of Tiantong satellite marks a soon opening of the huge market of satellite mobile communication. Lai Hai Tian Wang is also expanding, and promoting the transformation and upgrading of maritime industry via satellite mobile communication and satellite navigation technology. Looking ahead in the near future, Lai Hai Tian Wang's satellite intelligent terminal will enter the international market, and achieve the early realization of the grand goal of "wise ocean, serve the globe".