BeiDou Will Improve China's Comprehensive Ability of Disaster Prevention and Reduction

Recently, the Ministry of civil affairs and the National Disaster Reduction Center urgently carried out emergency monitoring for the disaster caused by the high collapse of Fugui Mountain in Xincun Group, Xinmo village, Maoxian, Sichuan province. At present, the first post-disaster satellite image has been acquired, and the scope of the collapse has also been determined according to the comparative analysis of pre disaster and post disaster.

The data during the 12th Five-year Plan demonstrate that in China's various types of natural disasters, there're an average of about 310 million people were affected annually, an average of more than 1500 people are dead and missing each year, about 900 million people evacuated, 680 thousand houses collapsed and over38 billion Yuan of direct economic losses. The damage caused by natural disasters is becoming more and more serious.

Fan Chunbo, the deputy director of data center of The National Disaster Reduction Center, said, "the contradiction between the unlimited demand of disaster information management and the limited ability is sharp, which also promote us to improve the disaster management by science and technology as much as possible."

As what Fan Chunbo said, "Depending on the all-weather, all-day navigation, timing system, Beidou short message and other functions, as well as satellite links of BeiDou Navigation Satellite System, location sharing and other advantages can be realized without the traditional network." On the condition that the public network is unblocked, we can use the Beidou mobile terminal and mobile communication to achieve the transmission of information. When the public network is interrupted, we can use the Beidou mobile terminal and Beidou short message communication to achieve the transfer of disaster information. BeiDou Navigation Satellite System can realize the direct reporting, disaster information management and on-site verification of National, provincial, municipal, county, township and village levels.

In addition, the Beidou emergency command and material dispatch system can realize a series of functions like the tracking of material transport path and logistics, the distribution planning, so that decision-makers can have a timely and real-time grasp of the number of materials, then plan the emergency rescue supplies timely.