China Successfully Launched the SJ-13 Communication Satellite with Multiple Breakthrough Technologies

At 19:04 on April 12th, China's first high throughput satellite SJ-13/Chinasat-16 was launched by LM-3B launch vehicle from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center. The launch of China's first high-throughput communications satellite marks the delivery of broadband applications by its independently-developed communications satellite.

SJ-13 is the first satellite based on DFH-3B bus, with a design life of 15 years. Zhao Jian, Deputy Director of Systems Engineering Department of State Administration for Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense, said that the SJ-13 made breakthroughs in such key technologies as electric propulsion, Ka band transponder and high-orbit laser communications that used to constrains China's space technology development. It will conduct assessment of function and performance indicators of the DFH-3B bus carry out experiment on China's broadband multimedia satellite communications system.

After test verification, SJ-13 will be included in the ChinaSat family and named the ChinaSat-16. China will be in the league of countries mastering the advanced Ka-band broadband communications, next to the United States and few developed countries.  It is able to provide users in less developed areas with excellent broadband services and promote the application of broadband satellite communications in mobile carriers including high-speed rail, ships and airplanes, enterprise networking and emergency communications among many other fields.

SJ-13 marks multiple maiden trial in China's communications satellite: the first engineering application of independently-developed electric propulsion system in the high-orbit satellite for NSSK mission, higher  payload load ratio and longer satellite orbital life; first application of Ka-band multi-beam broadband communication load, with the communication capacity of more than the total capacity of all previously-launched communications satellites; the first mission of two-way laser communication technology test between China's high-orbit satellites and the ground; and China's first high-orbit long-life communications satellite to 100% employ domestically-made products.

SJ-13 Program is organized and implemented by the State Administration for Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense. The satellite and launch vehicle are respectively developed by China Space Technology Research Institute affiliated to China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation and China Launch Vehicle Technology Research Institute. Ground measurement and control system is run by the Xi'an Satellite Control Center, operation control and experiment application system is run by the China Satellite Communication Group. This launch mission marks the 246th launch of the Long March family.