Beijing: The Application of Beidou Is at the Top of the Country

On February 15th, it is learned from Beijing Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology that the Beidou technology has leaped from the narrow scope of single navigation technology and become cutting-edge technology frequently used by common people.

So far, Beijing has completed the construction of 22 Beidou CORS stations, including 10 new ones. These CORS stations will provide WLAN meter-level localization enhanced service that covers the whole country, and centimeter-level high precision enhanced service that covers Beijing. Right now, 20 stations has joined the high precision enhanced service platform for navigation and positioning services and realized the connectivity, thus becoming an important infrastructure in Beijing that supplies the government, enterprises and common users with high precision positioning service.

As a regional application model of China's Beidou satellite navigation, the application demonstrating project of Beidou satellite navigation in Beijing has built over 90 thousand Beidou terminal units, which help to form a series of application models in areas like e-business logistics, smart transportation, food safety and intelligent driving tests, thus making Beijing the No.1 city in China for application of Beidou and the promotion of terminal units.

Beijing has finished the development for e-business cloud logistics information system based on Beidou system. The Beidou's vehicle-mounted terminal and hand-held terminal devices have been applied in 19 thousand deliverymen and 15 hundred logistics vehicles. The vehicle-mounted terminal devices have also been installed in 35 thousand taxis in Beijing based on the Beidou application in taxi industry, which are connected with the 116 Platform of Beijing municipal public security bureaus and the platforms of other municipal government sectors. The vehicle-mounted system is combined with the platform of phone-booking taxi and software-booking taxi so that the users and the department for communications could learn about and keep pace with the running condition of cars and road transport condition. 13 thousand terminal devices are also installed in the Beidou's smart bus application to collect real-time dynamic information on public transportation.