The Beidou System Will Be Used to Monitor Geological Disasters for the State Grid Corporation of China

It is learned from the Second Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation on February 13 that its 203 Academy functions as the third-party testing institution to detect the 28 Beidou deformation monitoring devices in the State Grid Corporation of China, which will be used to monitor the geological situations and effectively prevent geological disasters like landslide and shifting in the power grid of North China.

As the construction of the "Beidou-2" satellite navigation system has been initiated in 2004, the application scale of the Beidou positioning system has been gradually enlarged. Right now, it has realized a crossover combination in the area that concerns about people's livelihood, including urban gas, urban heating supply, electric power and network, water supply and smart transportation. Such combination will bring technological innovation and breakthrough for the construction and management of infrastructure in the intelligent city. By way of the service stations and monitoring stations that situated in the geological disaster-prone areas, the Beidou positioning could carry out 3-dimensional dynamic real-time monitoring such as horizontal and vertical displacement. Meanwhile it can also monitor geological disasters like side slope, debris flow and land subsidence in the geological disaster-prone areas according to sensors including precipitation, water level, temperature and humidity as well as air pressure, and then make a comprehensive evaluation of the deformation situation in order to immediately trigger an emergency plan under the cooperation of video surveillance and broadcasting alarm system.

The relevant person in charge says that the monitoring towards the 28 Beidou deformation monitoring devices bought by the State Grid Corporation and provided by 14 manufacturer contains reliable test items like function test, performance test, high-low temperature test, EMC test, etc., whose results will be the basis for bidding for the Beidou deformation monitoring devices from the State Grid Corporation. From now on, the State Grid will replace the crack detector and displacement meter with the deformation monitoring device based on Beidou's RTK mode to complete the geological monitoring for all the grid equipment in order to effectively prevent geological disasters including landslide and shifting.