The Construction of the First Stage of China’s Beidou Foundation Enhancement System Has Been Completed

News comes from the 2017 annual meeting of China North Industries Group Corporation on January 16th that the construction of the first stage of China's Beidou Foundation Enhancement System has been completed, including the development and construction of 150 frame-net base stationsand 1,269 regional encryption network base stations. "One National Net" and "One National Platform" are formally in operation, possessed with the ability to provide centimeter-level real time kinematic, millimeter-level post processing and rapid auxiliary positioning service for China's major economic regions.

Be it the GPS or the Beidou Navigation, errors are not avoidable in positioning since the satellite positioning is influenced by atmosphere, space and other elements. The foundation of the continuous satellite tracking reference station on the ground helps to correct the errors in satellite positioning, which is the contribution of the Foundation Enhancement System.

It is said that the cloud service platform for high-precision positioning "Qian Xun Yun Zong" offered by the Beidou Foundation Enhancement System has over 10 million users. It provides more than 300 million daily services and owns the hosting right of 4 national standards of Beidou and 7 special standards of Beidou. The Memorandum of Understanding of the Sino-Russian Joint Design Center for Satellite-Navigation Chips stands for a substantial progress in the global developmental strategy of Beidou.