The United States Relaxes Regulation about Its Launch Permit for Small Satellite to Promote the Development of Private Aerospace Industry

According to news from foreign media on August 2, the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is taking measures to simplify procedures for the launch of small satellites in the growing private space sector. The new approval procedure will be simpler and easier, making it more likely for small satellites to be launched with FCC’s approval.

This new proposal was unanimously approved at an FCC meeting on Thursday, local time. In fact, the proposal will create a fast lane for those who want to launch no more than satellites weighing less than 180 kilograms. The new charge mechanism will lower the cost of the application of the applicants and will increase their possibility of applying the permit successfully.

The launch of small satellites is an increasingly important part of the satellite market, as start-ups, universities and airlines are apt to carry out experimental or prototype launches through inexpensive orbital launch services. The opening up of such a new market goes on in an environment completely different from the one that existed decades of years ago.

FCC pointed out that in order to better promote the development of the aerospace industry in the United States, this proposal is just a small part of all the improvements that the US needs to carry out.

People from the aerospace industry stated that regulation is one of the problems worrying them and a good regulator should know when to intervene and when to relax, and FCC apparently chooses the latter.