Beijing Held the 6th China International Satellite Service Business Matching

The 6th China International Satellite Service Business Matching was held in Beijing on June 29. With the theme of “Space Economic and Cooperation for a Better Future”, the conference welcomed clients from across the world to explore opportunities in the industrialization, commercialization, international development and cooperation in the field of satellite application services. Various forms such as theme reporting, round-table meetings, investment roadshow, market matching, and authoritative information release were adopted in the conference. Besides, entrepreneurs and business leaders in the field of aerospace, foreign envoys, public foreign affair institutions, international organizations, financial institutions, local governments and industrial parks were invited to discuss the establishment of a standardized product supply chain and a global service system. It was also proposed on the conference to build up a pan-space economic cooperation circle to serve the development of the Belt and Road countries and the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind.

The global aerospace industry is welcoming a commercial era for its development. Various types of artificial spacecraft, such as communications satellites, remote sensing satellites, meteorological satellites, navigation satellites and space stations, have played a unique role in improving people’s life, production and social civilization, and have also greatly promoted scientific and technological progress as well as economic development worldwide. Human beings have unlimited aspirations to be realized in space. And we have targeted our goals far and deep in the unknown universe. Various development plans like heavy rockets, artificial constellations, colonial planets, interstellar travels, etc. have come into being thick and fast. With a plenty of cosmic development activities in imagination, the whole world is steered towards the unknown era of space economy.

China is a world-class aerospace power with an independent and complete aerospace industry system. It has the ability to provide space information application services in the field of communications, navigation, remote sensing, etc. to customers across the world. China launched the “Belt and Road Space Information Corridor” project as early as 2015, with an aim to make full use of China’s existing and planned space-based and ground facility resources to build up a safe, reliable and win-win space-earth integrated information corridor, which mainly consists of satellite-based communications, remote sensing, navigation and other space-based systems and is established on the foundation of interlinked ground networks and facilities.

In the Statement on China’s Space Aid to the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 released in April 2019, ten action plans were proposed to promote the enormous applications of space technology in agriculture, forestry, tourism, environmental protection, smart city construction and rural finance, thus to help eliminate poverty and hunger through narrowing the information gap and pushing forward the targeted poverty alleviation. The conference was held with an aim to support the development of commercial aerospace, promote satellite applications, carry out space economic cooperation, push forward the transfer and transformation of space technology, and help space technologies to benefit the whole world and improve the people’s livelihood.

This year’s conference was jointly sponsored by the China Satellite Global Service Alliance and the China Association of Remote Sensing Application (CARSA) in association with the CARSA Intelligent Industry Innovation Alliance, the National Science of Aerospace Innovation Alliance, the Regional Centre for Space Science and Technology Education in Asia and the Pacific (China) (Affiliated to the United Nations), the IAF Select Committee on Satellite Commercial Applications, the Public Diplomacy and Culture Exchange Center, Pinghu Economic and Technological Development Zone of Zhejiang Province and Kaijin Group, with China Great Wall International Exhibition organizing the conference.

The conference was full of wonderful activities: experts talked fervently on the topic of commercial satellite applications and global service capabilities in this field; diplomatic envoys and representatives from various industrial organizations exchanged views on international cooperation opportunities and development prospects; industrial parks and investment and financing institutions carried out various business roadshows to draw investors’ attentions; and entrepreneurs and business elites held meetings to match projects and to discuss ways to cooperate. The atmosphere in the venue was warm and fervent, with a wide range of topics being discussed. In a word, a great of commercial opportunities have been created on this conference.

The release ceremony of the over plan and commercial planning for “Tianmeng” medium-sized commercial rocket and the establishment ceremony of Fuxing Daguan Remote Sensing and Disaster Relief Research Institute were also held on the conference. Additionally, six commercial cooperation agreements covering a wide range of issues were signed during meeting.