Xie Jun: Chase the Dream in Space and Develop the BeiDou Navigation System

In 1982, when Xie Jun stepped into the door of China Academy of Space Technology (CAST) 5th Academy with high aspiration after graduated from National University of Defense Technology, he was not aware that his life would be closely tied with “the Bid Dipper” and shine with glories.

Abrupt rise entails accumulated strengthen. Under his leadership, his BeiDou R & D team had solved a series of technical difficulties, made breakthroughs in high-stability and long-lifetime benchmark technologies, strong anti-jamming technology for uploading schemes, high-precision ranging technology, array antenna technology and other technologies, realized the application of China-developed ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) on orbit for the first time, and independently developed high-precision satellite-borne atomic clock in the engineering practice of BeiDou navigation system.

Having devoted himself to the aerospace undertaking for three decades, his bitterness and joy could hardly be appreciated by others. Xie Jun always says, responsible for national major science and technology projects, he is under great pressure. He has no way back but to bring into full pay the wisdom and strengthen of his entire team and exert all energies. “Engaged in this area, I must do my best in everything and do even better than others.” Chinese BeiDou system will certainly shine around the world! (Co-presented by/cctv.com China National Posts and Telecommunications Labor Union National Commission Acknowledgements to: China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation)

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