BeiDou High-precision Continuous Operation Reference Station shall be founded in Millennium Industrial Park in Indonesia

Recently, under the MOST vigorous promotion of Department of International Cooperation, based on the support of Asia Regional Cooperation Specialized Project, NRSCC organized Beihang University, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region 270 Geological Team, Beijing Homcom Technology Co., Ltd. and etc. went to Indonesia and communicated with local partners and signed cooperation agreements. They would build first BeiDou / GNSS High-precision Continuous Operation Reference Station in Indonesia which would set an example for broader application in future.   

The representatives from both China and Indonesia unanimously agreed to build BeiDou / GNSS High-precision Continuous Operation Reference Station in Millennium Industrial Park in Indonesia, to develop earth spatial information service platform based on BeiDou, geological survey management information system and etc., to conduct pilot applications such as digital geological survey, geological tourism and traffic management, logistics transportation management and so on within the Park area, and to drive the popularization and application of BeiDou / GNSS high- precision positioning service in Indonesia.

The Asia Regional Cooperation Specialized Subject undertaken by NRSCC has supported related domestic units conducting popularization and demonstration works based on high- precision navigation and positioning service of BeiDou in Laos, Cambodia, Brunei and Thailand. In following-up they would promote relevant works in other ASEAN countries. They also would discuss the communication and cooperation on big data sharing, collaboration on high- precision positioning service and so on among ASEAN countries.