China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation Puts Forward Construction Scheme of Aerospace Model Supplier Management system

Recently, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation made “Guidance for the Construction Aerospace Model Supplier Management system” (shortnamed as Guidance). It is the first guidance in the aspect made by the Corporation.

The Guidance clarifies the guiding ideology, the overall goal, the promotion principle and the main task of the aerospace model supplier management and system establishment. Encouraging the use of ideas and methods applied in supply chain management in accordance with the requirement of high quality development of the industry, it aims for establishing the new era aerospace model supplier management system and the open scientific research and production system so as to operate effectively the space model supplier management system by the end of 2019 and ensure the quality of aerospace product and establish aerospace model in a whole range.

The Guidance is the first scheme made by the Corporation for aerospace model supplier management. It is also a great measure made by the Corporation to implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and the strategy of “strengthen the state by aerospace and quality”. The Corporation hopes that all parties concerned will not forget their original ideals and aspirations, keep in mind their mission, enhance understanding, expand consensus, rally together and forge ahead so as to make greater contributions to comprehensively advancing the modernization of national defense in the new era, building a space dream, a dream of strengthening the armed forces, and Chinese Dream in an all-round way.