Sun Jiadong: BeiDou Will Provide Stong Support for Intelligent Transport

The 13th International Urban Intelligent Transport System Forum is held in Shenzhen on 18th of June. The theme of the forum is “Innovation and Sustainable development”. Officials of transportation departments from 13 countries and regions and professionals from over 20 cities in China have participated in the forum to jointly discuss the future development direction of urban intelligent transport. Sun Jiadong, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the chief designer of the lunar exploration program as well as the recipient of China’s top science award "Two Bombs, One Satellite" Achievement Medal, points out that the BeiDou system has already coordinated and integrated with the intelligent transport, which will provide a strong technical support for the unmanned vehicles and Internet of Vehicle.

In his speech, Sun said that during the implementation of China’s 13th Five Year Plan, the nation will promote the implementation of aerospace technologies such as carrier rocket, satellites, space science, especially BeiDou’s high-resolution Earth observation. China’s aerospace cause will offer better service to the nation’s economic and social development. The era of BeiDou will come, during which time the effect of BeiDou’s application will be maximized, which will bring profound influence on the nation’s or even the world’s intelligent transport and positioning service area.

Sun says that the BeiDou system, as the nation’s important Spatial Information Infrastructure, has already been widely applied in intelligent transport areas such like logistics and supply chain management, vehicle navigation, public transportation management and so on. It has also formed a relatively complete industrial system which contains basic products, application terminals, transportation service and so forth. With the support of big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things and other technologies, BeiDou system can cooperate and integrate with the intelligent transport system. In the future, the space and the ground will be linked and information could exchange freely, and the BeiDou system will provide strong technical support for unmanned vehicles, Internet of Vehicle and intelligent transport. On the other hand, BeiDou system could get more attention and support to achieve bigger innovation and development.