The Platform of Industrial Internet Is Launched in Zhejiang Province, Which Will Serve 300,000 Companies by 2025

Recently, the reporter has learned from the Leading Group on Informationization of Zhejiang that Zhejiang Province has launched the 1 Plus N Industrial Internet Platform System and industrial alliance. By 2025, it will offer 30 industrial-level sub-platforms for 30 sectors, and incubate 100,000 industrial APPs and 300,000 industrial enterprises.

It is reported that “1” refers to the cultivation of a national industrial Internet platform of international standards that involves various industries and various sectors; and “N” refers to the cultivation of a number of industrial Internet platforms covering different levels like industrial-level, regional-level and enterprise-level.

According to Wu Junqing, Deputy Director of Zhejiang Provincial Commission of Economic and Information Technology, Alibaba Cloud, SUPCON and Zhijiang Lab will join their hands to participate in the establishment of this industrial Internet platform to build up a basic platform to provide one-stop services. On this basis, multi-participation will be encouraged to foster a series of leading key industrial-level sub-platforms focusing on sectors including petrochemical, automobile manufacturing, electronic manufacturing, textile and clothing, engineering and machinery, and logistics of supply chain.

It is reported that Zhejiang will next speed up the formulation of standards to define the N, namely the platform certification standard. In 2018, the first batch of 5 to 10 domestic leading industrial Internet sub-platforms will be established with focuses on specific application areas such as key industries, economic and industrial clusters, and logistics, thus to form the initial layout of the 1 Plus N platform system.