BeiDou Handset Forms the Nation’s Emergency Rescue Team

The heavy rain and flood disaster continue in southern China. In the flood fighting and rescue line, there are not only soldiers from the National Liberation Army, fire brigades, armed police force, officers and workers from flood prevention department and public rescue teams, but also a team of new members: BeiDou handsets, unmanned intelligent excavators, “transformer” mechanical arms, combination reinforced gabions and so on. The series of new rescue equipment has become an important tool to win the battel against the ongoing natural disasters.

“Sudden heavy rainfall caused radical raise of water level in the reservoir ahead. The water storage has met the demand. Now apply for immediate discharge! ” The newly installed mobile management platform of flood prevention and disaster relief in the duty office of flood-control headquarters in Junshan district of Yueyang city in Hunan province received this emergency message from the caretaker of the reservoir in Xushi county, sent by BeiDou handset.

On receiving this message, officer on watch immediately reported to their superiors and started to deploy measures. Two hours later, a message writing “Flood discharge has completed. The water level has returned to normal.” pumped out on the screen of BeiDou system’s backstage.


In adverse working conditions such as the mountainous areas, where the mobile phone signal is weak, it takes new technology to send the flood prevention message back to the control room the first time.

Lu Jianwen, deputy director of the Water Resources Bureau of Junshan district said that the mobile management platform of flood prevention and disaster relief was established in May this year. The bureau purchased 3402 BeiDou positioning bracelet and 296 handsets and distributed them to the officers responsible for flood prevention in the city, for example reservoir caretakers. On the computer screen in the duty office of flood prevention, the light-spots of sluice gates and the reservoir caretakers are shown clearly. Whether the officers are in their position or on patrol could be clearly seen on the screen.

The latest data of water level on crevasse sites, water velocity, progress on plugging will be reported to the rescue and relief headquarters every two hours.

 “A batch of high-tech equipment for flood-fighting and emergency rescues has been put into use. Compared to a decade ago, our professionality and efficiency has been significantly improved.” Said Xiong Zhuangzhong, deputy political commissar of the second hydroelectric team of People's Armed Police.