Jiangxi: Big Data of BeiDou Substation Helps to Boost the Transformation and Upgrading of Power Industry of Chongren County

The industry of substation equipment manufacturing has been a traditional industry since the establishment of the Industrial Park of Chongren County, Jiangxi province. Based on a good foundation and more than ten years of capacity upgrading and expansion, the park presently has a number of leading enterprises with strong comparative advantages and competitiveness. It has grown rapidly with an average annual growth rate of 35%, and has become the leading industry of the industrial park. But now the upgrading of traditional industry has become a major problem. In recent years, Chongren County seized the trend, led the resources, talents, technology and capital into the substation equipment industry and key enterprises, encouraged and supported the able persons in the substation equipment industry to start new enterprises.

In 2017, the Chongren BeiDou Substation Equipment Industry Internet Base was formally established in the industrial park. The base covers an area of 150 mu, with a total investment of about 500 million RMB. It will host a BeiDou substation data center, a BeiDou substation industry incubator base, and such comprehensive supporting facilities as business centers, hotels, caterings, leisure centers, etc. “Based on the substation big data IoT technology, we will build a BeiDou substation data center, intelligent substation equipment R&D center, substation industry incubator, academician workstation and electronic commerce supply and marketing platform of equipments of the substation industry chain in the base.” Xie Ronghua, head of the Internet base for the Chongren BeiDou substation industry, said the base would promote the upgrading of Chongren’s substation plus big data, substation plus Internet, substation plus IoT, substation plus BeiDou industry, highlight the integration of big data, cloud computing, IoT and modern manufacturing industries, develop new industries and create a new industrial growth point. The BeiDou Substation Industry Internet Base will use leading technology and rich resources of Xin Mai Group and Tianjin BeiDou Qianxing Group to provide integrated services for the base, such as standardized design, investment attraction, training and industrial incubation, maker exchange, intelligent equipment R&D, substation data collection, logistics distribution, and so on. The base can offer its enterprises operating space, personnel training, technical support, financing channels, favourable policy and other all-round services, focus on the development of intelligent substation, financial substation, green substation, substation for the people, and the “Belt and Road” substation.

Meanwhile, the base has already developed BeiDou substation remote control chips, communication chips and encryption chips, then the base will tape out a large amount of chips and embed them into baseband cards, serve 132 electric power enterprises first, install “intelligent brain” on the substation equipment, and produce high-end intelligent substation equipment.

“Our base now works as a big data platform, I hope that not only my company but also all the 132 companies could profit as a cluster. I also hope that I can help all of them improve the quality of products.” Xie Ronghua said.