BeiDou Tests Centimeter Level Positioning, Can Monitor Displacement of Dams during Floods

In the 2016 Technical Seminar of China BeiDou and the Industry of Internet of Things held on 23rd of July in Nanjing, experts said that the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System which is independently developed by China, has complete the development and construction of its basic system, and is performing real-time positioning accuracy test in wide area in meter level, sub-meter level, centimeter level and postprocessing millimeter level. BeiDou has provided regional service for over three years. The assessment result shows that its positioning accuracy is higher in Beijing, Nanjing and low latitude regions. With the launching of two IGSO satellites this year, BeiDou’s reliability and service performance within service region will be further improved.

Ye Tianshun, head of the Institute of Microelectronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences said that the future development trend of BeiDou is to integrate, that is, to integrate with Internet of Things and promote its wide application in civil fields. BeiDou’s application has a large market. It can provide tracking and positioning service in the production and transport session for modern manufacturers, transmit information in health care and elder-care services as well as real-time positioning service on fixed constructions for disaster early warning. Ye is optimistic about BeiDou’s future application, “For example, many people pay attention to fighting natural disasters. During disasters like flood and earthquake, once the important hydraulic and civil engineering projects show even the slightest displacement or deformation, such information will be transmit to the surveillance center immediately through satellite surveillance, so as to send early warning of disasters. ” “Real-time fixed positioning surveillance can be put on the important hydraulic engineering projects such as dams, so that during floods, any tiny displacement or deformation will be sent to the surveillance center immediately through satellite surveillance.

For now, BeiDou is undergoing system enhancing, and has cooperated with the Ministry of Transport, the Seismology Bureau, the Meteorological Bureau, the Bureau of Surveying and Mapping and many other departments , constructed an enhanced framework reference station network which covers the whole nation. After its follow- up system is officially put into use, it will provide real time positioning service in meter and sub-meter level, and in some area the accuracy could reach centimeter to millimeter level.

On the same day, the Nanjing Institute of BeiDou and Internet of Things was also officially established. Zhu Hongbo, the director of the institute and the president of China Institute of Communications said, “As a platform of commercialization of scientific innovation results, the institute will, with joint efforts of coordinate development of industries, bring the advantage of BeiDou as a proprietary brand into full play, lead a sustainable development of BeiDou and the Internet of Things as well as provide package solution of the technology of BeiDou and the Internet of Things to the world.”