The 2018 World Transport Convention (WTC) Will Be Held in Beijing on June 18

On June 5, China Association for Science and Technology, Ministry of Transport, and Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) jointly held a press conference in Beijing, announcing that the 2018 World Transport Convention will be held in Beijing from June 18 to 21.

According to Sun Xiaojun, deputy minister of Academic Affairs at China Association for Science and Technology, the theme of 2018 WTC is “Transportation makes the world a better place”. The convention’s keynote reports invite six well-known experts and politicians in the transportation field around the world, who will focus on the topics of the construction of modern transportation systems, the transformation in electromotion, automation and shared resources in the transportation sector, the application of BeiDou system in transportation, future transportation, smart cars and sustainable development of transportation within metropolitan areas. Such reports will share the frontiers of transportation technology and innovation, as well as judgment of strategic development trend with different industries.

According to Wu Chungeng, deputy director and press spokesman of Policy Research Office at Ministry of Transport, the 2018 WTC will bring together top experts in the global transportation field. Through this platform, Chinese scientists and entrepreneurs in the transportation area can further strengthen exchanges and cooperation with their counterparts from various countries. By demonstrating and sharing new achievements, new concepts, new technologies and new products in the field of transportation, they can achieve innovation and integration, and share the benefits of development, thus contributing to the innovative development of transportation in the new era, accelerating the construction of a strong transportation country, and providing Chinese smart and experience for global transportation.

Gao Zhanjun, deputy director of the Third Bureau of the CAE, demonstrates that transportation has the characteristics of basic support and leading. As a significant area for technological innovation, future transportation is an indispensable part of China’s development of scientific and technological innovation. CAE has always paid attention to strategic research in the field of transportation. At the convention, CAE will host the “Traffic Power Country Forum” and send invitations to more than 30 academicians. Extinguished experts from the United States, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and the domestic integrated transportation sector will participate in the forum. It is hoped that by establishing high-level, high-standard international academic conferences similar to the 2018 World Transport Convention, China can resonate with the technological innovation in the global transportation field in order to enhance the scientific and technological innovation strength in the field of transportation engineering.

It is reported that the content of this convention is divided into six major sections, i.e. the opening ceremony and keynote reports, “The Belt and Road” international transportation seminar, the academic forum, the transportation technology expo, the 2018 bridge design competition for university students, and the product release and special campaigns of WTC think tank. The convention will also hold the “Belt and Road” International Transportation Seminar (BRITS) to focus on “the Belt and Road” transportation infrastructure investment, financing and PPP, the “Belt and Road” international logistics and transportation facilitation, the strengthening of interconnection, exchange and integration in the field of transportation infrastructure construction among countries along the “Belt and Road”, and the construction of a safe, intelligent, green and sustainable modern transportation system.

According to Liu Wenjie, vice chairman and secretary-general of China Highway and Transportation Society, as an important platform for gathering top experts in the global transportation field and carrying out high-level academic exchanges, the academic forum of the convention is divided into thematic forums, special forums, academic reports and special events and focuses on creating 36 brand forums, 150 exchange units, 150 academic report columns, and 1300 academic reports. The report covers hot topics and cutting-edge technological innovations in the transportation field such as big data-driven transportation power construction, high-speed rail technology, future transportation, smart city, intelligent transportation, the integration and development of tourism transportation industry, new energy vehicles, as well as sharing economy and green travel.

It is also worth noting that, as the international exhibition booth created by the 2018 WTC, the Convention Transportation Technology Expo brings together the latest technologies, engineering examples, intelligent transportation and future transportation ecosystems in the global transportation field. By then, more than 300 representative exhibitions will be unveiled, including new technologies, products and modalities in the aspects of big data applications in transportation, artificial intelligence, urban brain, travel services, intelligent transportation, shared travel, future transportation ecosystem, composite materials, clean energy and emergency rescue. The exhibition area of the Transportation Technology Expo is about 30,000 square meters. It is expected to attract more than 50,000 visitors to the exhibition.