National Wide Promotion of BeiDou Intelligent Elder-care Service Terminal

The BeiDou based intelligent elder-care example project, which attracted extensive public attention, has recently implemented in Taiyuan. In the promotion event, 1000 elder citizens have happily received the intelligent elder-care service terminal.

The community worker introduced that “The program is an intelligent elder-care system with medical, protection and caring service which combines the BeiDou satellite positioning technology, Internet and mobile medical technology.” According to the introduction, the intelligent terminal can provide services including alert, reminding, telecommunication, health surveillance and so forth. At the same time, family members can check real-time health information of the elderly by related software, including location, heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature and so on.

“It’s very easy and convenient.” After the training of how to use the product, the elder people, who were at first feeling timid about high-tech products, enjoyed this product immediately. Experts introduced that most senior citizens in the country will spend their late years at home or in the community. Under such circumstance, the intelligent elder-care service terminal based on BeiDou will be introduced to the whole nation step by step, helping the elder people solve practical problems.

Beidou chips are getting smaller in size, using less energy and lower cost. With the development of BeiDou’s technology, the application of its product is getting more and more popular.

BeiDou has already been applied in 11 industries including transportation, meteorology, fishery, public security, disaster mitigation and relief, forestry. It has also demonstrated its application in 17 regions including Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Beijing, Shaanxi, Hunan, Guizhou, Hubei, Jiangsu. More than 3 million BeiDou compatible terminals were equipped on intercity buses, tour buses, dangerous goods transport vehicles and so forth. A huge number of domestic independent brands mobile phones with BeiDou IP core have entered the market. Last year the total value of the output of China’s Navigation satellite industry has reached 190 billion RMB, 30% of which is contributed by BeiDou system.