Academician Liu Jingnan: BeiDou+Artificial Intelligence Will Improve Significantly the Ability of Social Governance

Recently, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, president of Duke Kunshan University, and director of national satellite positioning system engineering technology research center, Liu Jingnan stated in his speech regarding the development of artificial intelligence that, in the intelligent age, BeiDou technology will play the fundamental role in a wider sense, improving significantly the ability and level of social governance.

Liu Jingnan expressed the above viewpoint in the Duke International Forum 2018 held in Kunshan, Jiangsu. This forum was co-hosted by Duke Kunshan University, a China-U.S. cooperation, and the Fuqua School of Business of Duke University, U.S., with Kunshan Municipal Government providing strategic support. With the theme of “Artificial Intelligence: Drivers of Cross-border Competition and Collaboration”, this forum attracted more than 20 policy-makers, scientists, top executives of multinational companies, entrepreneurs and investors from countries and regions such as China, U.S., and Europe, to share their own perspectives.

In this forum, Liu Jingnan mainly discussed the new developments of BeiDou positioning technology in the age of AI. He said: “BeiDou Navigation Satellite System, combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI), enables the AI technology to precicely perceive, cognize, predict and pre-warn, the changing situation of infrastructure and society’s safe operation, timely grasp the transformation in the community’s cognition and mentality, and make responses and decisions actively. It will improve significantly the ability and level of social governance, playing an irreplaceable role in effectively maintaining social stability and development.”

Liu Jingnan expressed that the achieving the trans-border integration of BeiDou and other industries represents a new feature of the age of AI, “it will play the fundamental role in a wider sense, becoming a groundbreaking technology.”

Mayor of Suzhou Li Yaping, Party Secretary and mayor of Kunshan Du Xiaogang, deputy mayor Li Hui, president of Duke Univsersity Vincent Price, vice president of Wuhan University Feng Youmei, vice president of Duke Kunshan University Denis Simon, and founder of Zhen Fund Xu Xiaoping attended this forum and delivered their speeches; it is also the fourth international forum held consecutively in Duke Kunshan University.