China’s Heating Industry Embraces the Application of BeiDou’s Precise Positioning

The GNSS and LBS Association of China (GLAC) and the China District Heating Association (CDHA) signed a strategic cooperation agreement on 12th of July in Beijing. Two sides will, basing on BeiDou’s accurate service network, promote further application of BeiDou in the heating industry.

The accurate service network of BeiDou, which is based on the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System, is an effective driven platform for massive application of geographic information in society. The network’s signal has already covered more than 300 cities of 25 provinces around the country, providing accurate sub-meter to centimeter level positioning services for various sectors, and its application in many network management has matured. In the future, BeiDou accurate service network will provide more precise location information for urban heating network construction, management and maintenance, emergency repair and other segments. It will at the meantime provide reliable space and time guarantee for the application of Internet of Things and big data in the heating industry, so as to promote the informatization and intelligentization of heating management. All the companies in the urban heating industry can directly use the sub-meter to centimeter level service signals by the BeiDou accurate service network in signal covered areas. Through the integration of precise location information, the hardware positioning device of the accessed companies can provide accurate and practical positioning service according to the specific needs. 

Zhang Rongjiu, president of the GLAC said that the BeiDou accurate service network can provide location service for various sectors according to their specific needs. The network has now been applied in whole service chain of urban heating industry, which will have a good demonstration effect of BeiDou system’s application in heating industry. In the future, BeiDou system will gradually be applied in the water supply and drainage industry. BeiDou will offer accurate positioning service for the construction and management of city pipeline network and provide reliable space and time guarantee for the construction of intelligent cities as well as the application of Internet of Things and big data.

Experts say that the heating industry plays an important role in the national economy, so it is bound to follow the step of the area of big data and make new strategic deployment. The security of urban heating pipeline, which an important component of a city’s lifeline, is facing great challenge and in need of the safeguard of accurate positioning service. The BeiDou accurate service network’s application in heating industry has significant meaning.

It is reported that Beijing, Tianjin and Heifei will be the first group of cities which will apply BeiDou accurate positioning service in the management of city heating.