The Third Silk Road International Expo & ITFCEW Opened in Xi’an. The Satellite Navigation System and BeiDou Application Products Were All Displayed.

On May 11, The Third Silk Road International Expo & ITFCEW opened in Xi’an, capital of Shaanxi province. The topic is “New era, New pattern, New development”. Britain and Malaysia are guests of honour. Guizhou Municipal People’s Government and Tianjin Municipal People’s Government serve as guest provinces (cities). The People’s Government of Yan’an of Shaanxi province serves as the theme city.

The Third Silk Road International Expo & ITFCEW sets up 1 Cooperation Pavilion, 4 Industry Pavilions and 1 Featured Product Pavilion. Among them, B1 Pavilion which displays the latest technology and products of Chinese provinces and cities in aerospace field draws applause from audiences.

At the exhibition, the model of MA700 airliner and cockpit simulator from Avic Xi’an Aircraft Industry (Group) Company Ltd.made their grand debut, and many audiences lined up to experience the feeling of flying a plane in the cockpit simulator. The journalist saw that under the instruction of staff, the people who were experiencing the immersive feeling of the process of plane taking-off and flying via manipulating relevant buttons. Mr. Zhang was extremely excited after he got out of the simulator, and he said, “I am 80 years old now, and I always keep an eye on the development of Chinese aviation industry through TV. When I saw J-20 and J-16, I feel very proud. I am very happy to have this opportunity to experience what is like to fly a plane. Besides, the development speed of Chinese aviation also makes me proud after seeing so many high-grade technologies in The Third Silk Road International Expo & ITFCEW.” According to the staff on site, the cockpit simulator this time is normally used for professional training for pilots. They have also developed another kind of cockpit simulator for experience and spread of aerospace knowledge, and the simulator receives wide acclaim from students in primary and middle school.

Inside the pavilion the C919 flight simulator was also put on display. According to the staff, the buttons and vision of this flight simulator is just the same as those of the real C919 cockpit. “When audiences sat in this cockpit, they can experience the feeling of flying a China-made plane. During the process of taking-off and landing, the cockpit will become bumpy, making people feel like weightless.”

Besides, B1 pavilion also put the latest technologies and products of other aerospace electronic technologies and devices, satellite navigation and BeiDou application, aerospace precision manufacturing and equipment etc. on display.

It is understood that The Third Silk Road International Expo & ITFCEW lasted for 5 days from May 11 to May 15, planing 40 meetings in 6 categories on topic of government dialogs, enterprise cooperation, people-to--people communication, friend city interaction etc., covering over 20 fields including economy and trade, investment, science, finance etc. During the meetings, supporting activities of culture, tourism, art, food etc, were also held.